Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Morning :)

Well things are pretty uneventful here. Little Charlie was peaceful most of the night. He still gets aggitated every two hours when the nurses do their assessments and it is taking him a little longer to calm down after those. His BP and heartrate were an issue earlier in the night due to aggitation. He is taking faster breaths than the vent and due to that his CO2 is decreasing to 25-30. The Drs would like to keep it at 35-45. So they disconnected the ventilator to see if the respirations would slow down if he did all of it by himself. The CO2 was still low so they gave him a little morphine to calm it down. The seizure medicine seems to be keeping them under control and he hasn't had any more norepi for his heartrate. Yea!


Anonymous said...

Rob & Ang
Keep on keeping the faith. The Lord knows you by name and also the struggles you are going through. He hears our prayers and knows of all of our desires that little Charlie gets better. But we must remeber that he is in charge and things will happen in his time.
I believe that there is a reason for this and that one day we will know. Trust in the Lord. We love you and you are in our prayers constantly.

Love ya,

your favorite aunt

kara and fam said...

Ellie and I are playing a game of pat-a-cake for Charlie! Go Charlie!

Shani said...

Charlie, you are the bomb diggity! Keep fighting little dude! I am at the U today and am going to try and sneak across the bridge to Primary's so I can see your sweet little face. Love you Jack Jack!

seanteyatroy said...

Charlie, hang in there! Glad for the smiley face! We are fasting and praying for you today! Love you tons!! Sean and Teya

Danielle said...

We Will have Little Charlie in are thoughts today while we fast. KEEP up THE good WORK ChArLiE!!!

Anonymous said...

Rob and Angel
The Jones family and our extended family are fasting today. We pray for cooper and your family through out the day. That viedo is awsome who ever did that, it was perfect. A piture is worth a thousand words and a viedo is even more. the music was insperational. god bless greg and family