Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy to You!! Coop is 2!

May 3rd was Char's birthday. We didn't do much being that it was Sunday and all but we will be having a celebration after the race on May 16th. So if you run in the race please feel free to join us to celebrate this great milestone with him.
Britt woke up and wanted everyone in our family to match with our Charlie shirts and jeans so we all did then got out of them to go to church then back in them to go to family dinner. Matching his little brother is one of Britt's favorite things, that and pushing his stroller/wheelchair. I hope he always that pround of his little bro.

Britt helped blow out the two candles and then shared some delicious cake with him. As you can see from Britt's own face, he doesn't have the greatest aim so Coop had a little too much shoved in at once. Good thing Aunt Suzie was there to zone in on the target. He also got hooked up with great gifts of essential items! Thanks everyone.

In the last week or so Coop has "not hated" (one step below saying he "likes" something- but huge step up from his usual grimmace) having tastes of food as he once did. Big step for us. I'm not sure why things have improved but I hope it's here to stay. Dr. Such-Neibar instructed us to give him strong flavors to wake up the tastebud instead of bland baby food. So we give him tastes of A1 sauce, marinara, Arby's sauce, salsa (he didn't care for this- I think he may be a "super taster" like his father), peach freezer jam (thanks Amanda), and Diet Coke. It's just what every toddler likes right?

Coop has hated the car for a year because it restricts him in a bent position instead of being arch backwards. Many times when we arrive at a destination 10 minutes away we will have to take off his clothes because he has sweat through them and it drives Rob nuts to hear him cry so much. So the best news of the week is that Rob discovered that he likes the sensation of wind blowing in his face and will often smile when he feels it. It only works for a few minutes but the important thing is that it works!!!