Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday Morning

We are still in the PICU because Charlie continues to have what they are now calling thalamic storms and they want to get those under control before moving him to another unit. They have increased the Baclofen and his hands and feet are a little more loose than before. He has been calm all morning and I held him for a couple hours. He still is not opening his eyes much or doing purposeful movements. Physical therapy came by and assessed him. They gave us some exercises to do so his joints don't become too tight. Dr. Ampollo(Infectious Disease) came by and said they could take out his ART line to decrease the chance of infection. So now he is down to only one IV and a feeding tube. I am mostly curious about what the neurologist has to say. So far only the neurology medical student has come by.


Anonymous said...

I love ya and am thinking and wondering all of the time what is going on so keep on blogging. MOM

Anonymous said...

Ang & Rob-
We are so happy that things are slowly but surely getting there!! and to see that you have been able to hold him makes things so much better!! I love you both and Charlie is always in our thoughts and prayers.
-Erik and Teresa

Anonymous said...

I am with your mom, Rob, keep blogging. Rod always says no news is good news, but I am not Rod, I want to know.
We are still praying for you and for Charlie.

Love ya
Rod & Deirdre

bshort said...

I wish I had some words of encouragement that you haven't heard already. Hang in there...there are a lot of people constantly pulling for each one of you.

erin said...

I am with BJ. I say ditto to not really knowing what to say. Just know I am thinking about you and have a constant prayer for you in my heart.

Anonymous said...

Angel & Rob,
You have two of the cutest, happiest little boys ever! I'm praying for all of you and I'm glad to hear that Charlie seems to be improving a little everyday.
-Pam Ashauer

Anonymous said...


Just want to let you know that our family is praying for your little guy and your family. We love you guys, and your Mom is one of our favorite cousins!
Candy Poulsen Dolan, and the whole Poulsen clan.

Anonymous said...

you guys owe me about 20 dollers for all the mascara ive had to buy this week it just keeps comin right off

Anonymous said...

I second the mascara comment, although I gladly handle the cost as my heart has been so filled by the comments and updates that cause the tears that my pocketbook could be empty and I would still be rich!! Thank you for letting us share in your struggle. I am stronger and better because of you!