Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calling all of Charlie's Angels

My smok’in hot wife came up with that name and I think it’s appropriate. Anyone that is willing to help a brain hurt boy get well truly is an "Angel." So this is a message for all of you who are willing to help us. We are going to have a meet at our house Sunday night at 7:30. We would love for all of "Charlie’s Angels" to be there, however we are keenly aware that it is the Lords day and if some of you can’t make it for whatever reason we understand. We also know that many of you have wee ones in your home and that it might interfere w/ bedtimes.

The purpose of this gathering will be to give you all the details of Charlie’s new therapy program and find out how much people are able to be involved. The program is intense and we would like to utilize it to the fullest. Some families that have worked the program tell us that the more people you have help, the easier it is. If you want to help and don’t know where we live send me a note to and I’ll get you directions.

If you’re wondering why we need so much help you’ll find out. In the event that you are unable to come Sunday and do want to help please don’t let that stop you. Get in touch with us and we will gladly incorporate you into the mix. Just as a heads up, we are going to be working with Char in 1-hour blocks so come prepared with an idea of what hours you’ll be able to help. We will be going 7 days a week and as many hours during the day as we can fill. Angel and I have decided to kiss what meager social life we had good-bye and will be doing as much as we can but since I am a migrant worker I won’t be there much during the week so we really do need as much help as we can get. We both are very hopeful that this is going to help our boy.

Whew… how was that for an entire post of nothing but begging?