Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Morning :-{

We reached out one week mark last night and Charlie decided to celebrate by having another seizure. Yuck. We had a new rotation of doc's come by this morning so we are begining the process of making new friends. The biggest concern is that from a neurological stand point he's not improving and seems to be stiffer w/ his posturing. They are going to try and extubate him today so we are holding our breath hoping that Charlie wont. The concern is that he doesn't protect his airway on his own. His gag reflex isn't the greatest but he has done well when they test his ability to breath on his own while still on the vent. They have also told us that if he fails his extubation it is not uncommon to have to be re-intubated. We're praying for no more seizures and less posturing and stiffness. Thanks again for all your support.


seanteyatroy said...

Well, hopefully with being extubated he will be less aggitated and less seizures ehe? Still praying like crazy for you guys...hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I read about you through the Herrin twins website. I find myself checking this site MANY times a day for an update. I, too, am praying for Charlie and fasted for him yesterday. The hardest part to remember is that it's His will, not ours, as we pray. I have an angel whose name is Austin, and I hope he's right there with Charlie helping him. Thank you for taking the time to update for those of us that are following your story, even those of us who don't know you personally. Let the prayers of others continue to lift your burdens. The angels are there to help you, also.

My husband is also a BIG BYU fan. We have season tickets to the football games even though we live in Arizona! My father was on the BYU team to first beat the UofU, so my blue blood runs true. GO COUGARS!!! And Charlie!!!

With love and prayers from Arizona.

Anonymous said...

We are still praying. Hopefully, there will be some resolution. I know little Charlie Cooper is a fighter; he has proven that a hundred times this week. I know his parents are fighters, as well as his grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles. Can't beat that..

Maybe he can pull a New York Giant trick out of his bag of tricks (Uncle Stan will help him in honor of his old team!) Go Charlie and Go Giants... Charlie, keep up the good work.. we all love you..

JIll B

PS: Viv fell again last nite and rebruised her bruised hip (Suz has seen it)... Crap ( sorry again Cheryl Dee).. Pray for everyone, we all need to be protected and guided in this day and age. We political issues out there that could use some good ole family prayer ( did u know I was voting Repub. this year?! Oh Crap!)

Love again, Jill

could you also pray away the snow, those of us on the benches have had enough...

Lee Family said...

Rob & Angel, wanted you both to know that we are still praying like crazy for you guys. Vincent(who is 12) has put Charlie's picture as his wallpaper on his laptop. We had the laptop set up on the counter yesterday while we had some friends over to watch the superbowl(yeah Giants!)We had everyone look at the blog and watch the video from Friday night. There were lots of prayers said for Charlie from all of our good Christian friends.
Love and prayers from Eric, Diane, Vincent & Dominick

Anonymous said...

I fasted yesterday for was the first time in over a year that I actually went to sacrament. It felt so great to participate in something so special and dear to my heart, KIDS! Before heading to church I came across some incredible talks from Spencer W Kimball regarding prayer. It was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful I was able to fast with the rest of you in Charlie's behalf. How humbling it is to look up to a sweet innocent child who is only 9 months old...

Steve said...

As Charlie fights like hell, there's a quote that keeps coming to mind;

"Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." - Napoleon Hill

My personal experience has proven to me that statement is true - beyond any doubt.

He may be small, but Charlie is quite a teacher. The lessons are many and varied. All you have to do is look through this site, read the comments, watch the videos, and look at the pictures - to see that his struggle is having a profound impact on many.

The closer you are, the greater the impact...the bigger the seed available. Through his struggle, Charlie has provided all he touches with an opportunity to learn and grow. I urge you - take the lessons he is teaching to heart. Peel away the struggle, and bring to light the seeds within. Through his fight, Charlie will have an impact far beyond his 40 sq ft bedpsace. Physically, he fights in a little bed. Spiritually and emotionally...he's shouting from the rooftops.

Listening and praying,