Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pass the Salt...

We're in the Hospital again and not a bit happy about it. Hypernatremia is the diagnosis and sadly enough it's my fault. We've been adding NaCl to his diet per the Nutritionist in order to supplement his diluted formula. Too much salt we've learned that its a bad thing and 2 kids in the last 6 mos. have died from this same diagnosis. Tim, the most brilliant RN in all of the land explained it to me on a Railroaders level and said its like putting salt on a snail and watching it shrivel up. Too much in your blood and your cells shrivel up. The last few weeks Charlie has been pretty irritable, i believe the medical term is "Pissed off" and it got so bad that about 10 days ago Angel took him to the E.R. thinking it might be a shunt problem. It wasn't and they sent him home thinking it was orneriness related to teething. So he had another temperment change late Saturday night ran a slight fever and got uber lethargic. Eerily similar to the way he looked when he first got sick back in January. Called the Pediatrician and he told us to head to PCMC. 8 hours in the E.R. and they admitted us. Last night was rough for Charlie and very uncomfortable. His mom, who may be the greatest most hottest hotty in the world, was the only medicine that worked for our little man. She stayed up and held him all night in the most uncomfortable chair in the entire hospital.
Today he has done much better and the Sodium has come down and we should go home in the morning. It's been pretty weird to be back in here but it's been good to see some old faces and not so good to see others (Duzy). We are so thankful for all of you and wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.