Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hola from the Barracks :-)

I want to say thanks again for all the support and comments from everyone. We have both been so humbled. Tonight Angel and I had a chance to get out of the hospital for a bit and the first place we went was to the new house. Jared was there and I don't think he has slept in 5 days. Looking at him I see where the phrase death warmed over came from. We all looked through the house and were blown away. In the words of Kathi Barlow, "it's beyond-beyond" and while I don't know what that means exactly, I think its really good. In every room we went in I almost lost it, but I didn't because the first rule of brotherhood is you can't let the little brother see you cry. We could feel the love there and for the first time in the whole construction process it felt like home. Thank you all sooooo much for that. The hardwood floor is beautiful and the handrail is 100 times better than I could have ever made it and Doug and Jared the tile is stupid good, and John I told you to buy that Dap stock and I bet you wished that you did after seening all the caulking. I also am taking a certain satisfaction in knowing that my house is causing the davis county power grid to wane, so Wayne thank you. And I know that Jared didn't get all that stuff put in the garage himself so Biff, I owe you one. I owe all of you one. One final note about the house: I was made aware of a certain act of vandalism at my home so I am calling all Cougar fans to assist me in another work party when Charlie is out of the Hosp. in order to redo a small portion of the floor. Bradley Jay Short is public enemy number 1. Shortdog, no good deed goes unpunished, 17-10.
Charlie is doing ok tonight. It's like he'll rest for a bit and then go through is agitation routine, more posturing, for a bit. While Cheryl Dee and I were watching him tonight we noticed a small amout of blood on his drool cloth and they found that his jaw was so tight he was smashing his tounge but not that bad. The cliched jaw is another sign of posturing and the excessive drooling is not unusual at all, just a sign that both my boys might be a not too distant relative of Joel (dribbleboy) Taylor M.D. Luv ya Leoj. Charlie's fevers continue to come and go but usually associated w/ agitation. They are doing their best to try and limit the amount of stimulus Charlie gets so they've very politely asked us not to touch or disturb him for awhile. They also gave him some ear-plugs to try and cut down on the noise. Hopefully he can still hear! They also put in a small oral airway tube to try and keep his jaw open but he just pushes it out and our nurse Tina just puts it back in and in her cute South African accent tells him, "Now Charles some things here are not negotiable and this is a fireable offense." she's fun.
Now that we have moved from the suite down the hall to the ghetto it hasn't been all bad. They are so crowded they have had to put 3 kids in the space made for 2 all over the unit. The Charge RN said this is the most crowded she's seen the PICU in 14 yrs. Apparently Utah is having a super bad RSV season and I blame nursery at church, those rooms are like a petri dish. We've made friends w/ our neighbors and packed into our little corner. I guess this is what a prisoner feels like after moving into the general population. On the bright side being moved must be a small sign that Charlie isn't as critical and no longer needs the isolation room. I just feel terrible for the baby and family that moved into Charlie's old room and pray she's able to win her war.


whitney said...

Nice work BJ, Rob you must leave it, it will remind you of all the love.

chili said...

Bj and others will get great satisfaction out of hearing Rob Proclaim his disdain for the University of Utah, until he finds out that PCMC is actually U of U. And chances are that the next Prophet, seer and Revelator will likely be a Ute. :) BJ's the Man! And let me say also there is not just one incident of this occuring. Some wonderful soul left several markers there and they were put to good use beneath several hard wood planks! Also I must admit I had to go tinkle the other night and couldnt find the porta potty. I may have "accidently" relieved myself on a wish bone looking object engraved into the cement??? looked like a Y? Sorry bro :)) Think thats bad wait until you are ready to leave with Charlie cooper. I recall a specific message on Jada's room that said "rise and shout Jada rose is out". ??? Paybacks my friend.... paybacks...

On a serious note, I am sorry rob I missed you today! At least I had an excuse to miss church! :) I completly enjoyed the opportunity to fast for you guys! Your updates timely, and heartfelt. I will try and make it up to you tomorrow? Love ya!!!

ps. next week teya and I have to speak at byu on our experiences with organ donation. How do you think my Letter to Coach Whittingham will go over? :)

Shani said...

I will pray for that sweet angel baby that gets Charlie's old room, and for all the other kids in the hospital. I don't think there can ever be a shortage of prayers sent in the direction of that phenomenal facility! Love you Rob & Angel & Britton and Jack Jack!