Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where has the year gone?

One year ago today our lives change and we started this crazy journey. Honestly, I thought/hoped Coop would have improved more by now but I have to remember his improvements are measured on a completely different scale than mine. I can't begin to express how our lives have changed over the last year both on the outside with our daily routine of therapy, medicine, constant comforting, worrying but mostly on the inside. Our focus has turned from the here and now to a eternal perspective. I'm learning (forced) to slow down and analyze what is really important and enjoy the good things. Although sometimes all I can do is get through the present week, day, minute or even seconds, those seconds mean so much more to me-because we came close to not having them. I am so grateful that I can watch each improvement happen even if I feel like we are on super-slow motion. He is such a blessing in our life and I love him so much. Thank you to everyone for your kind words, prayers, service, donations over the past year. You have been answers to so many prayers. Thank you.

This is a family assignment Charlie had for 2008- Rob thought I should include it...

Things I’ve (Re)Learned This Year –
Charlie Cooper- age 20 months
I re-learned how to see and to recognize what I’m seeing. I am also working on re-learning how to move my eyes together and to the left. It’s sort of difficult.
I’ve learned that you can reach decibels never before known and it doesn’t even have to hurt your own ears.
I re-learned to lift my head to the right.
I learned to work hard because the littlest things can be really difficult.
I re-learned how to swallow and gag so now I get to taste some food.
I learned how to be heard not just seen.
I learned how to get my way and be held as often as possible.
I learned how many people love me.
I learned to inspire people without saying a word.
I learned I am a small and simple thing but I can make great things happen.
I re-learned to relax (my hands at least).
I learned to have great diaper blowouts.
I learned just how much my dad loves me by making him consider things he never would before (give suppositories, consider buying a van)
I have learned that happy hour is at 10pm not 5pm.
I learned to bite hard if something is in your mouth.
I learned that with a crooked smile you can melt anyone’s heart.
I learned to talk to the Angels.