Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5K tomorrow!

Hey everybody,
The BIAU 5K is on Saturday at 8am. We are so excited for this event and can't believe the turnout supporting Charlie. We have talked to the people at the BIAU and they plan to stop online registration tonight... So, if you haven't registered but plan to run, register tonight at http://www.biau.org/ or you may be out of luck. The BIAU is a little overwhelmed having been inundated with so many Charlie fans - there are over double the amount of people this year than ever before!! Here are a few details about the race for those who've registered...

Liberty Park is located at 600 E. 1300 S. in SLC. The race starts and ends at the south east corner of the park. They ask that you use the south entrance. Parking is limited, so please carpool if you can. The race will begin at 8am, but you have to get there early enough to park, get your race apron and race t-shirt. If you signed up for a Charlie shirt you will be receiving those in the next couple of days. We want to have a picture taken of all of Charlie's fans before the race because we will lose people if we try to do it afterward. So, please get there early enough to park, check in and get your stuff and be ready for a group photo at 7:40am. We will only take the photos with one camera, but will make those photos available electronically.

Charlie plans to be at the race and is very excited about all of his friends being there to support him and his family. We would ask that you please be considerate of them and try not to overwhelm them or overstimulate him. He is also still trying to get used to the germs at home and from his family, so we would ask that you not touch him as it is risky for him to be around so many wonderful and random people.

Again - we can't thank you enough - those of you donating the shirts, art, water, time, etc. and those of you supporting this wonderful little man by running and walking for such an important cause to us. You are all heros to us.
-meghan - charlie's aunt