Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tues Morning :l

Charlie got very aggitated last night and it took well over an hour to calm him down. He gets so mad that his heartrate and BP shoot up, his posturing gets worse to the point where he arches his back and tenses up his arms and legs. This sounds like a seizure but they did a second EEG a couple days ago and found it is just the posturing. When he gets this mad his breathing gets very labored and looks like he can't get enough breath. It makes people very nervous when they first see it but he keeps his oxygen saturations within normal ranges so they usually just let him ride it out. Because he didn't calm down very quickly last night they ended up giving him a full dose of Ativan and now they have perscribed it for regular doses. The new infectious disease Dr and Neurologist came by and said they don't have anything new to add or advise. The decisions are now mostly coming from the Intensive Care Dr. We have several more steps to make before moving out of ICU. (He has to stop taking Fentanyl (pain), Presidex(sedation), Sodium. Currently they are slowly switching Presidex for Klonadine and weening the sodium and fentanyl down.) But we are slowly working towards it. He still doesn't have a gag reflex but he did cough a couple times yesterday which indicates he may be able to clear muccous from his airway.


Anonymous said...

I love you all so much - you are my rock!!! Love, Grandma Kathi

Andrea said...

This may sound like a weird question, but is Charlie making any noise now that the ventilator is gone? Does he cry or babble?

I am soooo glad that Angel finally got to hold him. Nothing compares to holding your baby while he is sick. Yeah for Angel! Go Charlie!!

Shani said...

My mom always sends her kids a "quote of the week" and I thought I would share the one she sent me today. Love you all. Hang in the Charlie!

"I am convinced that one of the profound themes of the Book of

Mormon, one which may not yet have been developed enough in

our teaching of young people, is the role and prevalence and

central participation of angels in the gospel story . . .

Obviously I speak here not alone of the angel Moroni but also of

those more personal ministering angels who are with us and

around us, empowered to help us and who do exactly that . . .

Perhaps more of us . . . could literally, or at least figuratively,

behold the angels around us if we would but awaken from our

stupor and hear the words God is trying to tell us . . .

I believe we need to speak of and believe in and bear testimony

to, the ministry of angels more than we sometimes do. They

constitute one of God's great methods of witnessing through the

veil, and no document in all this world teaches that principle so

clearly and so powerfully as does the Book of Mormon.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Marilee said...

I continue to follow the saga of Charlie Cooper with awe and wonder. Proud to be a member of this family.
Rob, re: the good wishes from BYU, I can claim to be a proud graduate of that fine school. My wake up to David is often "Rise and Shout". Needless to say, he is not a fan. Another thing about BYU is this: we have moved one bazillion times since I became an alumni. They ALWAYS find me. I do not notify them of my change of lodging--but the magazine and letters always follow me. Here's an idea, put those people on Osama Bin Ladin. Should be wrapped up in about 2 months.
Anyway, loved the photos of the previous post and you have our continued prayers and best thoughts. Off to vote now--yes I am a Mitten. May not help much since the church goin folks here in Tennessee think Gov. Huckabee is da bomb. I also note the page hits on this site. Astonishing!

Suz said...

Marilee....you are totally funny! Trish has said much the same thing about the relief society finding her every time she moves. For a time she thought Cheryl was sending a change of address to the church....which she was not!

Super Cooper.....I appreciate the efforts you are making. Though I am not a patient person, I will wait until you are ready to wake up and show us those fantastic blue eyes and big wide grin. I know you are going to do it! I love you!

Ang and Robert....slow and steady wins the race.

Just a Mom said...

If a complete stranger can cry and have true heartache to lighten your burden . . . I have done just that this past week. My prayers are with you.

chili said...

Ok so we had pretty different situations, and I understand that what I say may or may not help at all. When Jada was extubated (sp). She was one pissed off little girl! At first it was a relief for her and she was calm. But then they started having to reduce her meds and as she became more aware of how freaking bad she hurt, she was pissed OFF!!! In fact Andrea (I hope she is ok with me writing this) pretty much had her first breakdown(after almost 7 months of caring for a terminally ill baby i might add). So you have Jada Rose pissed at the world and arching her back, and flailing all over the place, burping up green stuff, and Andrea wondering why the medical staff cant calm Jada down? We were in the ICS unit and Andrea finally after about 3 hours of this threw up her arms and went down to the conference room and just bawled. I now wish I had been better at consoling her. All I could do was be there with Andrea...anyways... I have been sort of in this position you two. I know its hard. I know it hurts, and I know that both of you are holding so much in right now that you could literally end all suffering in the world if people could just hear your hearts desire for this little baby!!

Be strong, and be sure to take a few moments for yourselves every once in a while. Take a walk around and enjoy the sun, the mountains, U are afterall on the most beautiful Campus in the World! Walking the same pathways as such scholars as Gordon B. Hinkely, James E. Talmage, Thomas S. Monson...Oh bye the way the Prophet is STILL a Ute! :)


Angel & Rob,
You and sweet little Charlie are continually in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Joan & Steve

Anonymous said...

Dear Christensen Family,

There are many people of whom you don't know that have your little Charlie in our thoughts and prayers. I live around the corner from your new home, my friend and I were driving past the other night when everyone was working at your house. Tears came to our eyes when we counted over 30 cars parked up and down the road in front of your house. It is sure wonderful to know that with all the craziness in our world today, that we can have the love and support of friends and family in times of tragedy. Hang in there, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Tom C. said...


Just seeing the photo of you holding Charlie put a big fat lump in my throat. To see that you have so many people that care about you, Rob and your family shows what wonderful people you are (even you, Rob!). Keep fighting Charlie, we're all here for you!

Anonymous said...

I worked at LDSH today and a woman came in while I was telling one of the ladies in the gift shop about you. She had a son atPMCH when he was 9 months old. He, too, had meningitis. I asked how he was doing and she said, "He is a pain the !@#$, but he is now 30 and makes a lot more money that I do." She said the doctors gave her NO hope, and well... you see how he turned out.

Joey's brother-in-law is from Arkansas and they all HATE Huckabee (FYI). I am afraid Mitt might be done... Now, what?

I was going to bring you a COUGAR pen and key chain from the Gift Box, but we sold out of them today... why is that?

I was going to bring Mom in, but she got sick this morning. So, maybe I will try again tomorrow. I had her to dinner last nite and thought she was okay. Crap!

Your baby is absolutely beautiful. It brightens my day to just look at the beautiful face in all the pictures and to see Angel holding him was a real thrill.

It is great to see all the support you have, I can say... "I am not overwhelmed..." it is as it should be.

Well, Love you and still praying and hoping you are getting some rest and relaxation.. ...

Fight On!

Love you forever... JIll B

PS... someone please tell me where Rob's house is....

Meghan said...

any PT yet?
troy, i know you are sending the office to r&a. what, do you think they have some spare TIME to watch it? send it my way...

Charlie Cooper said...

Andrea- in answer to your question. No he doesn't make any noises now that the ventilator is gone with the exception of wheezing or labored breathing. Occasionally he will do a hoarse cough but not very often