Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday mid-morn :l

Good news= the spinal tap culture did not grow any organism. No new seizures. His pupils are about the right size for the amount of light in the room and they are closer to being equal than previously.

Bad news=Charlie is posturing more than usual. His respirations are faster than they would like to see and he did a funny breathing thing yesterday that His fever is still fluxuating. Both the Dr. Filloux and Dr. Osguthrope said they would have liked to see more alertness and less posturing by this time but he was a very sick boy. He probably won't be extubated until he has less posturing even though he is triggering most of the breathing. Now we just have to wait for little Coop to tell us when he is ready for the tube to come out. Every day we will readdress this question.


grandpadavidpeggy said...

GREAT NEWS about the pupils. We will take any good news you can give us. love and prayers, dad and peg

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Charlie Cooper! Today you are 9 months old. Since they won't let you eat birthday cake, we'll just have to sing to you.
The waiting room is full of folks who are all fasting and praying for you and they are just a few of the many, many people who love you and want the very best for you.
Hang on, sweetie. You're going to be fine.
Love you always, Grandma Cheryl

Anonymous said...

My neighbor is a nurse on the medical unit up there. Her name is Jocelyn Jensen (for U fams, that is Alex's sister) and she loves her job and kids. If they do put him out on the unit... Jos should give you hope for a great nurse to care for Jack jack.

Great to hear the news, we all prayed and fasted for you and my Sunday School hear all about you and how this blog has restored my faith once again. Between the baby and President Hinckley, I have had one of the most spiritual weeks of my life and I have you, Charlie Cooper, to thank for that. God bless You... Jill B

The Chiltons said...

Great Job Charlie! We are praying and fasting for you! With today being Super Bowl Sunday I woke up and thought "these NFL players have nothing on a tough lil man like Charlie". You and the whole family are an amazing bunch!!
Love-The Chiltons

Meghan said...

well, i guess it's the super bowl today, and since we aren't very invested in the game or the teams this year, we'll just cheer for you coop. enough with the posturing already - have a restful day today and i'll see you tomorrow. love you little man.

Aunt Trishie said...

Hang in there little have so many pulling for you. I fasted today again(I know, it's crazy)and put a call out to the Louisville ward here telling whoever answered the phone in the Bishop's office your story and asking them to pray for you during their fast meeting today. Hopefully he understood me through the sobs. :-/
I love you, sweet Charlie, and have faith that you are stronger than this terrible illness.