Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Case Your Wondering About Britty!

Before Charlie got sick we had a cruise planned down in Mexico w/ the In-laws. (Because who doesn't love to vacation w/ the Barlow’s?) Angel and I were really unsure if we should let Britton go or not but in the end the fact that he's currently floating in the Pacific lets you know what we decided. I think it was the right choice because now Angel and I can devote all our time to Charlie and don't have to worry about what relative is pistol whipping the Green Ranger. (Just kidding meggie! So while Britty, Max and B-Low play pirate we are consigned to cruising vicariously through Annabelle's daily phone calls. Last night they had a Pirate dinner and any of you that know Brit can imagine that he was in heaven. Arrggghh. We miss him a bunch but know that he's having a great time.

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Meghan said...

oh, boy would captian hook (ryry) be jealous of the dinner. you can imagine the damage he could do with a sword... we are pretty excited to meet up with them at disneyland this weekend. does grandma kathi want to join us? for reals...?