Monday, July 6, 2009

Coop's 2 yr pictures

Charlie's Aunt Susie and cousin Amanda took him on a photo shoot for his 2 year old pictures. They turned out so fantastic that I had to share them with you. The photographer is Amy Larson of I have had several people ask who took the big-eyed picture in the red sweater that used to be at the top of blog and sent them to her website. She is really patient, creative, talented and super sweet. She was able to capture all of his cute expressions that define his personality- the way he likes to chew on his binky, the big mouth-eyes closed smile, the way he always crosses his legs, purses his lips if he's a little mad and the full scream face. Last year at this time we only saw the sleeping face or the crying face so I'm so grateful for what this past year has brought us. I hope you enjoy a glimpse at all the Charlie Faces!

(Thanks Jen for the perfect blanket backdrop. I love it so much and still want to learn someday)