Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today was a pretty active day for our little buddy. He has been awake for most of the day and when he is awake he tends to storm more frequently. They are not as severe as they have been in days past but definitely more often. Charlie's Dad is starting to wonder if this isn't just his routine while awake. The posturing and breathing is still as rough as before but today he seems to be looking around a little more. Still not focusing on things and his pupils are still kinda slow. Right now his BP is in the 150's and we're all happy w/ that because it's staying there while he's awake. Yeah! Normal for a baby his age is 120-130 bpm.
Big thanks to the Ward over at the new house for sustaining the fellas working over there today. Thanks also to the fellas for working so hard, Angel and I are continually amazed and Steve, Jared sent me a picture of the fireplace and I have to admit that I was a little turned on.


grandpadavidpeggy said...

Good night Sweet Charlie. Good job with the BP today.

Anonymous said...

It is good to be home very day I had Teri or Bryan check on how Chalie is doing. Rob your sweet friends at the Holidaydome are praying for your little boy when i left paula said "tell your railroad Rob friend I said a prayer for his son we had no idea where Rob has been, tell you told us we are so sorry tell him we are all praying fro him" we are still praying 24/7 for jack jack keep up the good fight Charile. Chadski

Jolene said...

Happy Birthday to Trisha! I hope you have a great day Trish and know you would give anything to be here. I have to tell you how amazing it is to watch Rob and Angel handle this difficult time with such grace, determination, faith, and love. It is inspiring to all who witness it. Charlie is a special spirit whom Heavenly Father truly knows and is aware of his battle. We all keep praying for Charlie.