Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's fast Sunday

I just listened to a 2 and a half minute message from Chad Stapley reminding me that tomorrow is Fast Sunday and we sure have a special reason to fast. He suggested that I add a reminder to Coopers blog since this is a Fast Sunday we don't want to forget!


The Chiltons said...

We will be fasting for sure!!! We love you all so much! God Bless you! ~ Troy, Andrea, and Jada Rose

Anonymous said...

Angel and Rob,

I am not sure if you got my first message. And I certainly do not expect you to say if you did or not. But just incase you did not. I wanted you to know that many of us in the ward are aware of little charlie and we will be fasting for you as well. Our prayers are always with you. Thankyou for all the updates on charlie.
Love, LaRee VanderToolen

grandpadavidpeggy said...

Rob, I want to let you know how much more work got done on your house Saturday. Several people showed up to do prep work for the painting the walls. With John as the foreman, there was much calking, puttying, and sweeping up sawdust, plaster, nails, candy wrappers, pop cans, water bottles, etc. I learned that I have a knack with a calking gun but will never be able to keep up with Matt who is quite an expert.

When Jared found out that Eric and your dad were there, he gave them permission to mount the baseboards. Ryan was also there and throughout the afternoon and early evening they completed 95% of the main floor and a couple of upstairs closets. Suz kept everyone going by showing up with more food.

I pray that little Charlie is sleeping through the night. He has a lot of blessings coming his way with the number of people who are dedicating this fast Sunday to him. God bless you all.

Tom said...

Angel and Rob, I don't know your family but I want you to know that I am fasting today for Charlie. I used to be in Meghan & Tyler Webb's ward in Layton. Meghan's friend Ali Crookston told me about Charlie. Being a mother to young children myself, I can't imagine what you are going through. I pray that you get the miracle you are hoping for and things just get better and better. Love, Angela Maddock in Idaho Falls

Anonymous said...

Let me first say, a 2 1/2 min message is short! I am so glad Charlie is doing better! If you guys need more food to feed yourselves, or even your new friends, my Mom and I will be happy to bring it. (As long as we don't have to make! We're great shoppers though!) Let us know what we can do for you.