Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who's Kidding Who?

Hello friends of the worldwide web. Where have you been? It’s like you dropped off the face of the earth for awhile. Just so you know it’s really rude to not let us know how you’re doing. Selfish almost. I personally believe that as U.S. Americans you should update blogs more often so that people from the Iraq and such as can hear how you’re doing and so forth. (I love Miss Teen South Carolina!)

In thinking what to post about I had this idea to write first person as if I were Charlie and go through a-day-in-the-life of our favorite neuronally necrotic little boy. I did make an attempt, then read it and it was admittedly sub-par. Even w/ my arrogance I’ll gladly concede when I suck and ask that some degree of quarter be granted. I tell you this not as an excuse to my sloth but so you can respect that I do try and make this blog interesting and continually posting about the monotony of our lives is less than interesting. In my head it was a Pulitzer worthy idea but in reality there is nothing more myopic than tolerating misguided attempts at creativity from those who aren’t. Alas, I am not. I gave it my best effort but after all isn’t the true definition of ineptitude, how should I say this tactfully, when your very best just isn’t good enough?

So, where does this leave us…? I was hoping that the new pictures of Char would satiate you for a time but I was corrected straight away by my dear bride and informed that I will post something. Unfortunately for you, prepare yourselves for monotony. On a side note, I’ve just typed three paragraphs and not said anything of import. I’ll go ahead and pat myself on the back for that. And if you don’t know who Miss Teen South Carolina is go search youtube.

Charlie is still very much Charlie. His progress continues to be biblically slow but in contrast to a few months ago when it was stagnant if not regressive we’re quite pleased. The term "Charlie steps" is still most adequate. Angel and I notice small changes here and there but some folks who only see Char occasionally tell us that they see improvement. Now whether or not that is honesty or just the patronization of parents of the cerebrally bereft I don’t know, however I prefer to think it’s the prior. After all I am a Cougar fan and I’ve lived my life thinking that BYU is/was better than they are/were. In the last month or so Charlie has become markedly more active and aware. Keep in mind "Charlie steps," it’s not like he’s walking. He’s moving his limbs a lot more and is becoming more bilateral. Sometimes when you play with him it’s almost like he’ll grab at things. His vision has improved most of all. I really think that he’s recognizing faces. For instance; if you walk in the room and he’s lying on the bed he’ll move his eyes (both of them) to see who it is, and if it’s his dad he’ll let a big ole smile go. All in all he’s paying far more attention to his surroundings than ever before. Char is loving the outdoors and often a little time outside with the wind in his face will make this ire-some little man quite happy.

The best thing happened a couple of weeks ago that must be documented. Charlie got sick. We think but we’re not for sure. It might have been a touch of the flu or a cold but whatever it was, was heaven sent. Explanation to follow: For five days Char was calm, mellow, happy and most importantly content. His Rx’s were unchanged with the exception of his one of his reflux meds. It was bumped only slightly and had been so for a week before his blessed change in demeanor. Britton was sick and Char had a low-grade fever so we’re calling it a bug. Can I tell you how great it was to lay him down, use the restroom, and not have him SCREAMING when you came back? Or how nice it was, for five entire days, to hold him and not have him fight you while writhing in discomfort and contort himself into all types of unnatural positions. He took naps, sometimes two in a day! When he woke up he was calm, and stayed that way. He went to bed at a decent hour and slept past six a.m. He even made it in the car from Bountiful to Kaysville w/o making a peep. The best time of the entire five days was father’s day morning when Charlie gave me the very best gift a boy could give his old man. He slept in till 9:30 thus so did I! Manna from heaven. But like all good things, it has ended. Charlie is back to the foul mood that we’ve grown accustomed to. Maybe we haven’t become accustomed to it, we’ve just learned to tolerate it. He will have a good hour here and there but not nearly enough of them. Maybe we should invite the sickies over to play with Char and keep him in a marginal state of health thus moderating his temperament? Totally kidding… put the phone down… no need to get child protective services involved.

Anyway, I’m spent. The well is dry. If you want more info just come by and visit, and don’t worry about leaving your sick kids at home. All are welcome. We won’t even make you wash your hands. Again, kidding… hang up the phone. Talk to you in a month or two. Kidding. Maybe.

Monday, June 29, 2009