Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are the Champions, my friends...

"It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot harder to make a difference" Tom Brokaw

What a great success Saturday turned out to be. I had semi-low expectations going in to this years race because Charlie first of all isn't critical and not much has changed and the newness of his injury has worn off. "Been there, done that, got the Charlie steps t-shirt to prove it". But much to my surprise the team kept growing and growing and GROWING. Up to the very last minute we had people registering to join our quest. Can I tell you my heart was about to burst as I heard how many were there for this adorable 2 year old. (He is cute isn't he?) Char was in such a great mood all day. I could not believe what a wonderful sight it was to see each of you- yes I mean YOU- loyal friends, lost-now-re-acquainted friends, hospital buddies, family, cousins (1st, 2nd, newly adopted or once removed), nurses, co-workers, therapists, neighbors, blog-stalkers, doctors. We love you all! You came out in force to support an organization that needs us and it feels ohhhhhh so good. WE did our part and WE made a difference. That feeling somehow makes you feel good to the core for a long time afterwards. Those of you that stayed for the raffle, i hope you won some great prizes and if you won the airline tickets- I'm your new best friend. The BIAU raised 10 times on the raffle then last year!

Our good friend Troy was "volun-told" to make another video for this year's race. I have collected some awesome pics from family and "the very nice person" (thanks a ton Ginny) but if you have any that you would be willing to contribute please cough them up. Also, if you have any suggestions for a background song, leave it in the comments and he will take it into consideration.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. All of you for supporting the Brain Injury run this year. I had a great time seeing all of you, which is somewhat of a surprise considering I really don’t like people. Even more so I don’t like large crowds of people. I don’t mean this to be rude but as a point of illustration many folks consider Disney Land the "Happiest Place on Earth." For me it’s more like hell on earth, too many humans in too small a place. Which is why the 5K the past two years has been marginally peculiar for me. I enjoyed myself, immensly, in a crowd, with lots of people. The big difference as best as I can fig’ur is that you all are really cool. A far cry from the booger eating mouth breathers you have to rub elbows with while waiting in line for "It’s a small world." You all are REALLY COOL. You all came out selflessly to support something that is very important to our family. That says a lot about what kind of people you are. My only regret I have is the same regret I had last year, I feel like I didn’t get the time to visit with you all. So, if Charlie and I didn’t get a chance to say hi and thanks come find us next year. I think part of it is my fault. Case in point: A totally nice gal and her kids came up to Charlie and me and asked if they could get a picture with Charlie, I said you bet. As I got talking with her she told me they had been at the race last year and didn’t dare talk to us because she was worried I’d make fun of her on the blog. I felt like a jerk. Let me assure you all the only people I’d make fun of on the blog are hippie looking male nurses with nappy beards and sunglasses from the 70’s, metallic knee’d cousin/uncles wearing construction vests trying to run so they could catch up with hot women, and diarrhea mouthed boyfriends of my nephew. As long as you don’t meet those qualifications you’re safe.
We had a great time and we hope you did too. Many sib’s and friends put in a bunch of work to make sure this years race was a success and to them I say thank you. Thank you to all those who sponsored the race and donated raffle prizes. All the money raised will go to a great cause. Some will go to helping those who have brain injuries and much of it will go to educating people so they won’t become brain injured. Brain injuries suck and while Charlie’s little noggin has been devistated we are glad that there are things like this race that help put a silver lining on his condition and make it a little easier to handle. We are very grateful and humbled by you all and you are all really cool people. I’d go to Disney World with you anytime.