Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ode to Deirdre
I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to thank my Aunt Deirdre. For the last month or so Charlie has had numerous therapy appointments of all varieties w/ any number of healthcare professionals but perhaps the therapy that serves him best is his twice, yes folks twice, daily visits by his Great Aunt Deirdre. When Charlie first came home from the hospital we knew the bulk of his therapy needs would fall on our shoulders or perhaps more honestly Angel’s shoulders since she decided to marry an inept, inane and oft times invisible Lion of Leo J. Muir. So for the first few weeks home my dear sweet and super hot wife was undergoing stress of epic proportions and on the top of her list was the hours of therapy that Charlie wasn’t getting. Largely because as a partially single parent she was raising a chronically ill little boy and a green ranger who has soccer, tumbling, craft camp and swimming lessons and there just weren’t enough hours in the day. Thanks for saving my wife’s sanity.

Editors Note: Rod is Deirdre’s hubby and one of the few people left in the world that I genuinely fear. He’s an old fart but could easily pound me to dust. Gammy is my Grandma who has left us for the hereafter. She is most directly responsible for the way our family operates and the catalyst for my zealous following of BYU football. She loved the Cougars, a good Coke (in the bottle) and a proper constitutional. We all miss her.

Rob you said that Merilee was the only family member to respond well here you go ready or not:

I remember stopping at the house the day before Charlie went into the hospital. He was sleeping in his car seat and I thought at that time what a beautiful baby he was and that there was something special about him, couldn't put my finger on it at that time, but now I know. When I heard about Charlie I was sick, I literally felt sick to my stomach and thought how can this happen to him. When Rod and I came into the hospital that first Monday that you were there and I saw Charlie my heart just broke. But I was so impressed by you and Angel that I thought if they can do this so can I. I remember the blessings that were given to you and Angel and I felt the peace and comfort of a loving Heavenly Father and I knew then that you would not walk through this alone, that our Saviour would be there to help and carry you through. I felt Gammy there with her love and support as only Gammy could give. I believe that she has been there on many occasions to hold Charlie when we could not. I felt the heartache of both of your mom's for this sweet grandchild and to a small extent I felt the same thing almost as he was a part of mine grandchildren as well. During the 2nd week in the hospital I don't think that was a day go by that I did not cry as I read the blog several times a day. But as I visited with you and Angel and Jared one day, I saw the faith that you had and that you were willing to trust in the Lord and do whatever it took to take of Charlie. I wished that I could have had your faith and your courage. As the weeks dragged on I know that you had some hard days but we did not see those, all we saw the strength and the courage to go forward. I knew life had not dealt you a great hand, but to go forward and to show us how to cope was amazing.

I was amazed as I am sure that you were at the number of comments left on the blog from people all over the world. I said to Rod, how do they find it? But I realized that as you shared your trial with us as a family that you also shared Charlie with many others who have been touched by his story and your courage.

I am BLESSED with the opportunity to see Charlie on a daily basis and to feel of his spirit. He is a giant in a tiny body. He has taught me to continue to keep on keeping on even when trials are placed before us. As I leave your house each day I am a better person because of Charlie, there is something about him that boosts my spirit and makes me want to try harder to do things that I am suppose to do. I love him as if he were one of my own and quite often I tell him that grandma D is very proud of him and that I love him. I love to see the progress that he making.

I too am grateful for a family that will rally and support us in our trials. I know that Gammy would be proud of you and her family as we continue to try and do as she has taught us to do. I want you and Angel to know that I love you both and your sweet boys, it has been an honor for me to be in your home and see the love that you have for each other and for Britt and Charlie. Know that I am willing to do whatever I can to help and that you and your family our in our prayers on daily.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives.