Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Been a While

Not because nothing has been going on but because we haven't had very much time to post. Coop has not been behaving over the last couple months and has become very high mainentence. Since staying in the hospital, his sodium has come back down to normal levels but the agitation has remained and has slowly gotten worse. He is now calmed the most by being held and cradled. When he isn't held, he get extemely tense and arches like he did when he was in the hospital and immediately starts sweating beads- like he is going through menopause. Our pediatritian checked him and couldn't come up with anything definitive that could cause discomfort so we are to see Dr. Such-Neibar to adjust medication. We have several theories but can't choose just one (teeth, medication change, brain recovery, constipation problems...) Due to his new temperment he has been kicked out of therapy until he can "find his smile". A problem his big brother often has. We have been very lucky, however, that Char has had few cold/viruses this winter to complicate the tricky diagnosis.
This is how he is the most comfortable-arched backwards- Notice he is sound asleep
The only pics from his hospital stay- I'm out of the habit
Reunion with his "Hog Doc"- He misses you
A Smile for Neale- we don't get as many anymore