Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Checking off the list :)

Our nurse today is all about action. She is in the picture below with Rob. Today she has sucessfully tapered off the Fentanyl, Sodium and presidex. She was the first one to mention that it was even possible for us to hold Charlie and then made it happen even though it was a mess of wires to put him back in the bed. I know holding him had a lot to do with having him extubated too. She has just removed his PIC line in his right arm. She also called 3 times yesterday to get everything scheduled for physical therapy/occupational therapy. We are checking things off the list left and right. We are now down to only 2 pumps on the pole where we had 8 only two days ago.


Suz said...

That is my kind of GIRL!

Shani said...

Yahoo Charlie Jack Jack!

Meghan said...

i love that rn today. when we were in the nicu with the babies, we had one rn in particular who worked very hard all day to get the babies in a place where they could lay together. they were 5 days old when i got to hold them at the same time. she was awesome and i will always remember her for not just doing her job well, but for taking CARE of the babies and us. char is such a trooper.

kara and fam said...

So I'm not a Cougars fan (sorry Rob), nor do I get that excited about the Utes. But great pro-active nurses!! Woo hoo!!! Now there's something I can cheer for :-) Really glad to hear that things are getting checked off the list. It's all progress, right? She actually looks vaguely familiar to me...can you post her first name?

Isaiah informed me today that he is "too old" to kung fu move Charlie's meningitis like Joey has been. (literally it's, "God! Tell Charlie's meningitis to GET LOST! accompanied by high kicks, hand chops and the occasional attempt at a spin move.) He is extremely concerned about him, though, and asks me frequently for updates. Guess I'll just have to play power rangers on meningitis with my younger son. Sigh.

Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Charlie!!! That is very good news! And I'm so glad both of you guys have been able to Hold him!! Keep Up The Good WOrk!!!! Love you guys! Tera and Randy

shelby said...

My heart and prayers are with you guys, I love reading each and every update you guys give. You seem like very strong people, and your son is a fighter! I am so happy you guys got to hold him! My family will continue to pray for you, and for Charlie!

Anonymous said...

We are so gald to hear the improvement. And to see things getting checked off the list. When I saw angel holding him I called gena right away to have her look at it. It was great to see her smile. Something about the power of a mom holding a baby and a dad. You are prayed for constantly. Our children are cheering for you cooper. We love you guys Greg and Gena (Let us know if we can do anything Just ask Jared and he will get ahold of me. God bless)

Andrea said...

We had Mandy a couple of times in Andrew's first week in the PICU. She was awesome. Way to go on the good nurse! Now beware of the other two I mentioned! Hooray Charlie!

Andrea Mathis

Megan said...

I love that Charlie is down to 2 pumps on his pole, that is awesome! I hope that he'll be able to go to the floor soon. Alyvia was also on the NTU floor. We did miss the PICU, I think because the care we got there was so amazing. We had some good NTU nurses though. (Brigett rocks, and we liked Dave--the charge nurse.)

We will be praying for little Charlie to have a good night, he's been through so much.

John & Jenell Nordfors said...

This is great news guys. Sometimes it just takes the right nurse. It was a determined nurse that argued with the doctors that Axel was ready to try feeding so early. They usually are right:) It's nice to see you holding him. Still praying for you guys, even Isabel never misses a chance to pray for Charlie.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time we have been able to look at everything on the blog. We are excited to hear that there have been improvements today. Please know that you are in our prayers and if there is anything we can do for your family please let us know.
Nick and Joni Clark

Lisa Sharp said...

Dear Rob, Angel Britain and Charly, We are glad to see the progress little Charlie is making. We are sorry it has been such a scary time. We will continue to include your family in our prayers. Love, the Sharp's

linds said...

i agree with susan...my kind of lady. way to go charlie, keep working hard!

Anonymous said...

It was great to see you tonite and that baby is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. I am glad that Mom had the opportunity to see him, she has been so concerned and it helped her a lot. Thanks for that.. You guys were so sweet to her and she needed that as well.

I saw your house, Chad took me over there and Jared looked exhausted, but was working extremely hard. John was there painting and the place is FABULOUS! I am jealous, it will be such a blessing to have it done.

Anyway, thanks for the visit and I am no officially in love with baby Charlie Coop... He is precious.

I will continue to pray for him and hope for further progress.

You guys have a terrific attitude and you can certainly tell that you are being prepared to take care of this special human being.

Bless you ... Love Jill B

Brittany said...

I'm a cousin of Gwen and Matt Hardy. Gwen emailed me asking for prayers for your little man and I wanted you to know that even people who are not BYU Cougar fans are praying for you all. (I'm a Washington Husky fan :) )

My now 4 year old son spent quite a bit of time in the PICU shortly after birth having had brain surgery. Your posts about Charlie take me right back to the fear and the faith it took to get through such a rough time. Sam is now a healthy, thriving 4 year old who drives me crazy at times. I hope and pray that your Charlie recovers and thrives the same way.

I'm praying for you two as parents as well. Its such a hard thing to go through something like this where you can't fix it all yourself. I hope you're able to find peace and are able to rejoice in the steps forward with Charlie. I'm loving the RN from Tuesday! She sounds great!

I'm also praying for Britton. Its hard to be the big brother in all this when you don't know what's going on. BIG hugs for him too.

I'll check back and hope to see more great news on Charlie in the coming days.


:) Brittany O'Neil

Anonymous said...

Charlie Cooper, you keep up the good work. Each line removed means one more day of improvement. I continue to pray for Charlie and for the wonderful family and friends that surround him. The Power of Prayer is amazing.

Always remember something good comes out of each and every situation. Someone once told me that "WHY" is the biggest word in the vocabulary, I said, but it is only three letters. They told me we look for answers that we may not find here, but when we are gone to heaven, we will hear, "Now I get it".

Keep your faith and Charlie will continue to progress. Enjoy each day and don't worry about tomorrow.

Enough of my thoughts, but having done this for the past thirty years, I know as a parent, this is the hardest job ever.


Nana Sue said...

Hang in there Charlie Boy!! So glad you got to hold your little man, I agree, there is no better therapy for family than touching a loved one and getting that touch in return! You all are constanly in my prayers and fasting, the Lord works miracles everyday and Charlie is living proof!! Sending positive thoughts and love your way!