Saturday, February 9, 2008

Charlie's World :-(

Our little man was a naughty boy last night. He once again wanted to show all the Dr's who said that his "Storms" would get better that this is Charlie's world and they just get to live in it. He started into one about midnight and it turned into a whopper that lasted until 0230. They gave him all the usuals but it was the IV ativan that finally did the trick. The Rn's and Residents thought Charlie was pretty cool because they had never seen a thalamic storm, only heard about them in class. He had an encore from 5 to 6 but not as bad and he mellowed on his own.
The Neuro-Trauma unit is a different world from the PICU but I think we'll like it. It's like moving from New York to DeBeque. The biggest thing is that it's quiet here and there is a window.
Huge thanks to Aimee, Fred and the crew of Café' Molise for the night out! Why have we not eaten there before? It was absolutely fantastic and Angel finally found bread pudding that is better than her mom's. You guys are great.
We also got over to see the Herculean effort going on at the new house. I can't wait to move in. If you haven't been to see all the hard/charitable work that has gone on there you need to make a trip. All of it is so much more impressive than this part-time carpenter could have ever done. Thanks to all of you.


stinkweed said...

i compleatly agree i was there last night too and it was BEAUTIFUL. Its really hard to think that those two dogs will be running threw that house.

Anonymous said...

I am glad the nurses and RN's are getting their education-I am just sorry that it has to be at Charlie's expense. I can't wait to see your new house and wish I could be there to help with everything. I would probably have put a big "U" in the wall though so it is probably better for Rob that I am not there. I am glad you had a night out, but you probably shouldn't tell Mom that the bread pudding was better-she might be offended and stop inviting you over for meals! We are still praying for Charlie and I am going to pull together a care package for you guys today so expect it soon! We love you guys.

just a mom said...

I am sorry to hear about the rough night. I hope that today gets better and your little guy can rest comfortably. He continues to be in our prayers.