Friday, February 1, 2008

More infection? Maybe? :-{

One possible reason for his increased fever is pockets of infection in his brain. Yesterday Dr. Osguthorpe said he thought the fever was just the bodies response to damage but that the bug is dead. They did a blood test called a CRP that is an indicator of infection. Charlie's started out high a several days ago and then trended down but has just turned up a little. With this new information and the fact he he has a fever they may do another MRI today to look for any pockets. IF they find an abcess there is a possibility that they will need neurosurgery to drain the pocket. But in order for that to happen the neurosuregons need to feel it is a substantial absess. As of right now they are not sure whether to do the MRI today and if the absess is small neurosurgery won't want to do surgery or wait until tomorrow for a better picture of his neurological exam

On a lighter note...As of 8:00 this morning his pupils are more responsive and bigger than yesterday :) When getting that checked he will move his eyes side to side. Also his legs are not as stiff and will pull away when they pinch his toes. He has moved his legs and arms a couple times on his own, usually after people are messing with him. His liver enzymes have come down a little in response to the decrease in antibiotics. Other blood platelets are up to 228. Hct has gone down to 21- he may need a transfusion if he reaches 20. - Angel


BaxterFamily said...

It's so amazing to see the courage and faith of Charlie, Rob, Angel and Company. We're checking up on Charlie everyday on the blog and pray for him. Yesterday Ethan blessed Charlie to have strength and to be happy and healthy. We love you. Rock on CHARLIE!
PS The Cahoon's have plenty of O- blood if anyone could use some!

Aunt Trishie said...

I say boo to more infection. Hopefully, things will continue to improve hour by hour. Know that you are all in my constant thoughts and I'm praying for you all. I love you all.