Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday morning

Grandma Kathi just called and everthing is looking good!!!!!!!! Charlie is still on pressors, but just a 'titch'. He still has a fever of 101 and his puplis are still unequal. There was mention of more poop that actually led to Charlie's first bath at PCMC. As part of the bath, the nurse weighed Charlie. After a day on lasix, all the aformentioned pooping.....the kid still weighs 3 pounds MORE than he did when he was admitted Sunday night. No wonder he doesn't look like the Charlie Cooper we know and love! We still have a totally sick kid but he isn't worse and we will GLADLY take that anyday!


Kara and fam said...

So grateful to hear the news guys! Wanted to let you know that the good folks at K2 the church (my church)are praying for Charlie, too. Last night, Isaiah (my 5 year old)said he wanted to check the blog first thing in the morning because he's worried about about little Charlie. He and Joey couldn't stop giggling with delight at the cute picture of Charlie in the red sweater on top of the blog! He's one handsome little man. We're all praying for more and more good news and progress as the day goes on.

Aunt Trishie said...

I love you all so much, and am *so* happy that we are finally seeing some small improvements. Here's to the will and strength of this perfect little angel!!! Keep up the fight Jack Jack! ~Trishie

Dawn said...

I'm so glad Charlie is making some steps forward! A good poop will help anyone, right Rob? Everyone in my family is praying for you guys! I'm happy that ya'll had a great turn out for the work on the house, because you shouldn't have to be concerned with deadlines on it. Plus I think it's being built with love and energy that will be in that home for ever!