Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back from the road trip

Posted by Angel-- Charlie got back from his road trip (MRI) about 30 minutes ago. They said he was very calm and didn't need any additional sedation (versed). They take a whole team of people with them 2 nurses, respiratory therapy, resident, ect. We probably won't hear the results for a while. The radiologist interprets it and then we will hear results from the attending resident. The MRI was ordered by Dr. Russell Osthworpe (Infectious Disease) because he wanted know if there is a pocket of infection that the antibiotics are not reaching. Charlie's liver functions (blood work) are elevated so he would like to turn down the antibiotic a little to ease the pressure on the liver. If they don't improve they may change the antibiotic to one that is not metabolized in the liver. He seems to be posturing a little more but only when people mess with him. Dr. Fran Fieu said it is the only way he can express is distress. His pupils are still reactive to light- yea! even though they are slight they are becoming more equally reactive. Since Charlie is still young his fontenelles (soft spot on his head) have not closed completely. So they are constantly checking the fullness of his soft spot. It is a little full right now but not bulging. The blood work is staying constant. HR is staying within the goal range without the medications. They have started to increase his feedings with Enfamil and protein added.

He won "Hospital Bingo" today and they brought a crocheted blue and white blanket. Of course every kid that is here "wins".

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support and love. We have felt your prayers and cannot expressed how much it means to us. Thank you so much. I will post again after the results come.


Anonymous said...


I'm dropping in in-between classes to check how everything is going. I'm amazed at your strength, I knew you could accomplish anything from when we were in young woman's, but wow. You truly are amazing and are looking great in the pictures. You are such an amazing woman, just wanted to let you know that. I love you guys and am praying for the best for all of you.

Love, Sara Llewellyn

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how incredibly difficult this must be...praying for all of you.

Julie P