Friday, February 1, 2008

This is Rob's sister,Erin. I teach 2nd grade at Parkside Elementary in Clinton. I was a mess on Monday (like many of you) and so I had to tell my kids a little about why I was so sad. Ever since my students have been drawing pictures and asking about Charlie constantly. One of my sweet students had an idea to sing a song to Charlie because music makes her feel better when she is sick. We all wanted to sing but we had short notice so the song isn't the most creative. ( I didn't think it would be a good idea to say "we're praying for you" at school so "we're pulling" instead.)


Charlie Cooper said...

Rob and I are sitting by his bedside and just listened to your adorable song. We had the speakers on and when the cute kids started singing, little Charlie opened his eyes and looked around. Hug each one of those kids for Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Erin, awesome! cutest thing I've seen in a long time. It almost makes me want to go back to teaching...NOT... but it was super cool


Lacie & Terry said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. What cute little kids.

Libby said...

Angel -- My heart and soul go out to you at this time. Charlie is in my prayers. Libby

Nolan & Dawny Aders said...

Charlie & family,
My computer seems to have a magnet on it these days; constantly checking on your sweet little boy.
Our prayers for you all, for the strength and resiliency to tackle each day with postivie thoughts and enthusiasum.
Nolan & Dawny Aders

Nolan & Dawny Aders said...

My computer seems to have a magnet on it these days; checking Charlie's blog. Charlie and all of you are always in our thoughts and prayers!
Nolan & Dawny

kara and fam said...

Angel and Rob--

I just came across something that really resonated with me a couple of years ago, and hope that it might bring you some encouragement as well.

Part of the definition of "Raphah," the Hebrew word for healing,is "to mend." The author of this book recounted times of healing that were slow processes and her thought was that in some way it forces us to appreciate continually being in God's hands. "A seamstress cannot mend a fabric she does not hold in her hands."

What I'm praying for you both this afternoon as Charlie goes for his MRI is that you'd really FEEL that your baby is in God's mending hands--a God that loves him so much!

With love--

Anonymous said...

Rob and Angel-
You probably don't know me, but Tammi Nordfors is my sister. I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to us all! My family and I are keeping you in our prayers up here in Richland, WA. It sounds like you don't need to worry about your house. The Nordfors clan does pretty well with that whole building thing, except maybe Steve.
Remember that the Lord never gives us more than we can handle.
With love,
Melissa Coulam and Family

teya said...

voh man, now I gotta go redo my mascara before I go to cute!! Way to get Charlie to open his eyes!! Love you guys!!

Megan said...

Charlie and family, keep hanging in there!! Your little guy is such a trooper. We are praying for you and I have officially added you to my "PICU buddies" blog link, (even though we weren't in the PICU at the same time, if feels like it.) and besides, Chralie could use a few extra prayers right now. It is so heart wrenching to see your sweet little baby so sick. I anxiously wait for each new blog update...Keep Fighting Charlie!! We are all praying for you!

Mom said...

I'm Megan's mom, Alyvia's grandma and I just want you to know my heart goes ouy to you. Very few people understand the many emotions one goes through when in the PICU with a sick child. My faith had never been tested in this way before. Know that Heavenly Father DOES hear your pleas and you are not alone! Sounds like you have a great, supportive family and that will help get you through this. We will pray for Charlie and his recovery.

Aunt Trishie said...

Sweet little Jack Jack, know that people from here to Antarctica and back are pulling for you. You can beat this, little one!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me how such a tiny little sweet boy can bring so many people together for one cause. My heart has been touched and my faith in the goodness of mankind has increased. Thank you all for your updates. Sharing in your experience gives us opportunity for our own reflection and growth and also allows our hearts to reach to your little Charlie even more. Please give Grandma Cheryl a big hug for me this weekend.
Peggy Geurts- Valley View Elementary

Aubrey said...

dude, I am pulling my freakin heart out. You CAN beat this.