Thursday, January 31, 2008

A New Friend :)

If any of you have wondered who "Megan" or "Alyvia's Mom" is from the comments well, I don't know either but she has a great story that has given us some hope. She has a daughter that was here in the PICU not too long ago and if you've got a little time (which is all we have right now) you should read their story, or if nothing else go there and see how cute her little Alyvia is. Charlie won't open his eyes but I told him about her and I'm pretty sure he thinks she's hot.


Anonymous said...

Miracles do happen. Alyvia is certainly an example of that. What a beautiful girl and a strong mom.

What a blessing to have a great day. Charlie is truly a strong spirit. Looking forward to another good one tomorrow.

Love and Hugs,

seanteyatroy said...

Hey guys...glad things are on the up and up...I just got back from your awesome home!!! I love having a reason to put on my Carhart's! If you need a good laugh, just come and watch Troy and I swear at each other and get in each other's way!! Troy-"Who took my crow bar thingy?" Teya-"I didn't touch any of your thingy's!!" Sean-"Why do you need a crow bar thingy Troy?!" Troy swears he's never done such great work...we've made some minor adjustments to your floor plan...a wall here, a door there...hope ya like it!!!! Hang in there guys!! Love you tons!! Still praying and thinking about ya!!

Anonymous said...

Best news, I have had all day. Robin calls several times during the day to get an update. My family has shown a tremendous amount of love and concern for you and Charlie. Nikki, Jamie, Joey and Jace and of course my mom are very hopeful and prayerful for you. Keeping Mom away is becoming near impossible. She stills feels she needs to stand in for Gammy... so don't be surprised if she shows up. I know my whole family is keeping tabs on this and keeping you in their thoughts. I am so happy to see progress... how wonderful that is... I still clean up poop and pee (I have two puppies). I love you.... JIll

Anonymous said...

It sure sounds like miracles are happening. As you know, our family knows about miracles. We continue to pray for Charlie and pray that he will continue to show signs of improvement. We love you guys and hope the next few days continue to go well for you all.
Love you,
Claire and Bob

Anonymous said...

We hope each day brings more good news. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Susan's neighbor Liz Bodkin and family

Jay said...

Sleep good little guy and will see ya in the morning.