Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday mid morning

Grandma Kathi just called and Charlie is having another seizure. He is being started on another seizure drug right now since he is seizing through the phenobarbitol. His liver enzymes are still up so the the antiboitics will be changed to one that is metabolized through the urine. The CRP is down to 7.1 from 9 that is a step in the right direction. No more blood transfusions on the docket today. He may be extubated tomorrow because he is requiring minimal support and is over breathing the vent. The doctors think the tube may be adding to his aggitation. Some good news and some bad news but he is still fighting and that is all we can ask!


Charlie Cooper said...

that's below average. keep those prayers up.

Jolene said...

I have doing some deep thinking this last week. Thinking so much, I left my groceries at the store and left the car repair shop without leaving my keys. No- it's not just old age!
Charlie has blessed so many lives. Many people do not know Charlie well if at all, and yet the spirit has been felt and many lives have been changed. I have sobbed and felt the spirit of my Heavenly Father as I have followed Charlie's progress and the comments made. What's really important in this life has been brought to the front of our minds. That guy that cuts you off in traffic, the student that won't shut up and sit down, and yes Rob, the out come of a stupid Football and basketball game don't really matter at all. That is all just stuff. We are here to prove ourselves and return. And boy, are a lot of people proving themselves right now. I was part of the Extreme Home Makeover last night, (really, how do they do that?) and though my part was small, I thought of the Savior and the parable of the talents. The talents were evident last night from my brothers and nephews who can do it all, to me who is a great sweeper. Even Papa, who can no longer do what he could, became a part of the effort. Every day all over the world, people are suffering as much as Rob and Angel and Charlie and Britty are right now. That's overwhelming to think about, because we have experienced the pain that goes with that. Imagine the pain our Savior went through for us, we really can't. As we are brought closer to each other through this experience, I pray we can share that feeling with all we come in contact with. We never know what is going on in others lives. I love you all for sharing such wonderful thoughts and insights with me. Fight, Charlie, Fight.

Anonymous said...

"If circumstances had the power to bless or harm, they would bless and harm all men alike, but the fact that the same circumstances will be alike good and bad to different souls proves that the good or bad is not in the circumstance, but only in the mind of him that encounters it."
James Allen

This family is amazing!

Shani said...

Who wouldn't get aggitated with a tube down their throat? Keep getting mad and fighting Jack Jack!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Cheryl said:

You have no idea how valuable all your positive words and encouragement are to those of us sitting in the hospital. Troy, the video is awesome - cried all the way through it. I'm so blessed to have the family: parents, siblings, children, that I have. You are all amazing! I wanted to be at the work party - so I could push a broom or make a plate of food for someone but I lost it at work and had to leave at noon and come be with this precious baby. (Thank you Peggy and Scott for taking care of everything at school and thanks to all of my friends there who have shown so much love, kindness, and support and even given cash to help feed the folks at the work party.)
I've been involved with the Nordfors work parties in the past but you all really worked a miracle last night - I'm not surprised - just so very grateful!!!
Driving to work yesterday, I saw on the Community Church's marque these words...."Fear less, Hope more." I admit I've been so afraid and scared for Charlie, for Rob and Angel and all of us who so love this little boy. I'm trying to be strong and positive - that's where your support and encouragement helps so much.
I know the Lord is in charge - I know he LOVES Charlie as he does all of us. There are 32 other very sick babies in this unit - and he loves all of them too. I know that Heavenly Father will not ask us to do anything that we can not handle. So, I'm the person who needs to have an increase of faith, strength and courage as I watch little Charlie fight to be well. I'll be stronger Charlie - I'll learn how by watching you!

Anonymous said...

sor wish i coould helpry im such a mess. yell if there is anything my prayers arewith you,

Anonymous said...

sorry wish i coould helpry im such a mess. yell if there is anything my prayers arewith you,

chili said...

Rob, Angel, Meg,... You can embed youtube so that people dont have to leave the blog to see the video. this shows you how to do it. Its simple takes a few seconds.

feel free to delete this post when you have embedded it. Love you guys!!

erin said...

I love you Mom. You are my example!

Anonymous said...

I have a new addiction and that is this website. I am so touched by all the love. I think it comes at a time when the world needs this kind of caring, support, humilty and support. As a teacher, you see so many families that are torn apart and where the kids are battling completely on their own and your heart just bleeds. Then I look at these blogs and I am reassured that love and family still exist.
Thank you for that.
My mom is not as big of a mess as she let on in her blog. She has never been able to type, Marion always did it for her and I do mean always . I know Marion is with you, it is evident in all of the things that are going on. I see her at Rob and Angel's house (which by the way... I still don't know where it is, I would bring a ton of homemade candy). I see it in the pictures and the videos (can you imagine what she would've done with technology like this?). I can see her in the way you guys have rallied and put away your problems and self interests. I see her in the way this experience has grown and impacted so many people.
Marion was a rock and she has taught you well, and I can see she is still teaching you (yes, I am crying ).

Keep up the good work guys and somecone please give me Rob's addres.

Love ya, Jill b

linds said...

fear less, hope more...have more faith. i like that cheryl. thanks for sharing.