Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i just got a text from rob saying charlie just got back from the mri and to hope for good results. send some prayers up now!


old lady, jill said...

Hey Rob and Angel... I so sorry for the situation that Charlie is going through. You are a great couple and many, many people love and admire you and will do anything to help you. I have neve installed floors or cabinets, but will be thrilled to bring food or clean...or whatever. Your baby is beautiful and is blessed to be in this family. I love you all and my prayers, and my mom's prayer... as well as Jamie and Jace are definitely with you... Pleas don't anyone hesitate to ask us for anything.. I love you and God bless.. Jill, Jamie and Jace

erin said...

My crazy class of 2nd graders have made so many sweet pictures and cards for Charlie... they are all hoping for the best outcome and think this waiting thing stinks. They want Charlie to get better now so I will be happy again.

Best wishes Charlie, Rob, Angel, & Britty from Parkside Elementary's
2nd graders! We Love you!

old lady, jill said...

Ok, I am back.. better and more interesting than doing my online high school job. I just read all the blogs and am so impressed by this family... I loved 'em when I was a kid and every bit as much now. Charlie... being an Edman is the coolest thing on the earth. God put us in a family that is so incredibly precious that most of us will never know how lucky we are or how blessed we are to be where we are. The Edman sisters did a phenomenal job raising their kids and now we are blessed with anothe 2 generations that can pass those blessings... Charle.. hold in there, you were put here for a reason and maybe that reason is to unite a family that gets bigger and bigger and needs someone special like you to wake us all up to the life that we have been given. Thanks Suzy and Meg for this opportunity. Bless you all.. Cheryl, you are lucky girl... Marilee, we miss you ... love Jill