Thursday, January 31, 2008

One small step for a little man. :-)

After visits from Drill Sgt. Ventre, Dr. Osguthorpe and Dr. Fieu they all concurred that Charlie has showed some small improvements. They believe that under all the sedation Charlie is concious! Yeah! Also, he is responding voluntarily to noxious stimulous instead of the dreaded "posturing." The bad news is that his pupils are still unequal which means that his brain stem is still insulted and hasn't accepted the apology of the dead bug. They are also starting lasix to draw some of his plentiful fluid into his diaper. My boy is a stud. - Rob


Anonymous said...

The following email was forwarded to us and it gives us such hope that I wanted to add it to the blog: Annabelle is married to Angel's brother Ty...Thanks Mark for sharing

Annabelle, Very sad to read this email. Melissa and I went through the very same scary experience with Rhett. He had the same thing when he was 3 months old. We came within hours of losing him. If ty's sister needs to talk to someone who has gone through this we are there for support. we have dealt with this and it is hard. rhett had seizures also and was on meds for five months afterwards.

we are going to the boise temple tonight and will place his name on the prayer roll. Miricles do happen, that same sick baby is now almost 19, taking out his endowments tonight, and going to the spain malaga mission on may 21. our prayers are with them. keep us posted.

Call me,

Love, mark

Megan said...

I cannot believe how dejavu like this is for me. Dr. Ventri (she really knows her stuff as hard core as she is) was the only doctor able to get Alyvia off of a breathing vent (oscilator) after weeks of trying. Dr. Osguthorpe was also our infectious disease doctor.
It is so random how I found your blog, and after I saw it, I knew I found it for a reason...
I cannot believe what your precious baby boy is going through, please know that there really are angels watching over Charlie right now. He is in good hands. My Alyvia was in an induced coma for weeks, she had MANY complications during that time and I finally broke, I couldn't see her suffer anymore. The Dr's didn't think she would make it through the night. I prayed harder than I had ever prayed before and thats when I KNEW that angels were taking care of my baby, that she was not in pain, as horrible as she looked (she had an air leak in her lungs and her body swelled up enormously with crepitus) I KNEW that God was watching over Alyvia, He loves His little children so much.

When Alyvia finally got out of the PICU, she was not the same....My little girl was blind and she could not talk or walk. The doctors didn't know if she would recover. They said she had damage to her brain. Damage from multiple set backs.
I will tell you this, miracles do happen. I have witnessed them first hand. My little girl is talking and walking again. She is no longer blind. She is not "slow." She is a normal, regular 2 year old. We are always going to have to deal with her medical issues and hope and pray that the tumor doesn't come back, but we can do it because we have hope.
Just as little Charlie has hope. From reading your blog, I can tell that there are MANY people praying and pulling for him. What a fighter your son is.
Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you. We will be thinking of you guys and praying for you.
Keep being strong,
Alyvia's Mom

Shani said...


Come on Charlie! Peeing your diaper is cool!

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

Ya Charlie! I'm really excited for you to pee your pants!

Lacey said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, Charlie!
Lacey Short

Anonymous said...

I am praying you have to change more diapers than you ever wanted!! Get well Charlie! I know you will!!


Katie Williams said...

Your such a fighter! keep it up!

seanteyatroy said...

Wow...these are some awesome stories of miracles...if any family deserves a guys do. Those little brains are incredibly resilient and amazing! This boy will be an inspiration to many throughout his life!! Love you guys...still praying like crazy!

martha said...

I will be praying for little Charlie. He is proving to be such a strong little guy. I will also be adding him to the church website. Prayers for mom and dad will also be "going up" as this is hard on parents as well. God Bless you all.

Edinboro, PA

Aimee Hardy said...

Thanks for keeping us all so updated. Like everyone else, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sallie Plummer said...

I am a teacher who works at Valley View.
Your "Little Man" is in my thoughts and prayers, as well as, the rest of the family.
Hugs and prayers to all!

aubrey said...

i never thouht anyone whould say this but come on charlie i will pee my pants if you do

Anonymous said...

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