Monday, January 28, 2008

the facts as we know them.........

So............these are the facts as we know them. Likely not so accurate but the best that we have until the parents can correct us.

Saturday: Charlie spends the night vomicking and he is a bit lack-luster. Angel takes him to the Instacare where she is instructed to push the pedilyte.

Sunday: There is a fever, listlessness, and vomick. Another trip to Instacare-more pedilyte and instructions to come back if the diapers are dry.

Sunday around 5:00-Back to Instacare due to dry diapers. The ambulance was summoned and off to PCMC Angel and Charlie go with Brit and Rob in the car following behind. Once at PCMC there was a chest x-ray, lab tests, and a lumbar puncture. The lumbar puncture was sadly positive and off to the ICU they all went with the diagnosis of Pneumococcal Meningitis.

Monday early AM: Charlie Cooper begins to receive LARGE doses of vancomycin and rifamphin. He is awake but miserable and the MD's cannot administer anything to alleviate the poor childs discomfort. The antibiotics are given every 6 hours and getting sick before getting better is normal. A baseline cat scan is done.

Monday morning: The infectious disease MD came and said that in all his years he hadn't see the amount of bacteria on a gram stain that Charlie had produced. Complications were discussed (hearing loss, dain bramage, seizures). Charlie is beginning to posture (a sign of trouble in the brain) on the right side. Due to the dehydration from several days of vomicking a lot of IV fluid was given so the poor child was quite swollen and puffy. Boo.

Monday lunch: Meghan went to the hospital to sit with Charlie so Angel and Rob could take a breather. Charlie is miserable and Meghan is heartsick.

Monday afternoon: The MD's decide to intubate (install a breathing tube) Charlie as a safety precaution before repeating the cat scan. Luckily, Beth was visiting the parents and she was able to stay with Charlie during the procedure as parents are asked to step out. After the intubation, Charlie seems more comfortable and he heads off to the CT. At this point, Rob and Grandpa Brian administered to Charlie. Never have we needed the power of the Priesthood like we do now! The MD's have done a test on the response of the puplis and the results were not good.

Angel and Rob, physically and emotionally exhausted. Keep them in your prayers as well.


linds said...

i am so sad for this sweet family. charlie is in our prayers. please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

John & Jenell Nordfors said...

We are praying for all of you. Hope everything is okay.

Cougar Family (Kam) said...

We love you guys. What can i do for all of you? Please let me know im just a phone call away. All of you are in our prayers

Anonymous said...

Rob, Angel, Suz, and! I cannot believe what you and poor little Charlie Cooper are going through. I am truly sorry!! I would be honored to fast with you and your family tomorrow. I also love to go to the temple 2-3 times a week and will put each of your little family's names on the prayer roll. Hang in there you guys! The Lord loves you and is, of course, very aware of you and your struggles right now. I have never been more convinced in my entire life than I am at this point that the Lord knows us and loves us...EACH ONE OF US INDIVIDUALLY....and he certainly will be there for your sweet boy now. Thanks for the blog. I wouldn't have known about his condition otherwise. Much love and many prayers --Kelly

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

We love you guys so much and we were so sad to hear about this struggle you guys are going through. We are praying for you and will be joining in on the fast tomorrow. If you need anything please let us know. Thanks for the blog and keeping it updated for we are all very interested and will be checking back often for updates! Love you so much!

Suz said...

This is Matt. I am fasting and praying for all of you guys. Charlie you need to get better so that we can play together again. You are the a very cute kid! I love you so much!

Jada Rose said...

I came across your sad story today whilst finding Jada Rose's webpage, as i share her name and am a 30 year old female from Sydney. I could not help but read about Charlie's courageous fight and i send all my thoughts, prayers and love to Charlie and his family. My friends and family would also like you to know that there are people here from the other side of the world sending all their support, hope and wishes.
Jada Bennett, Sydney Australia

Jada Rose Bennett said...

I cannot help but check on little Charlie's progress at regular intervals. Please know my heart is going out to you all, from your new Sydney friend, who knows she stumbled across your story today for a reason, my thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.
Jada Rose Bennett

Anonymous said...

Dear Family,
My sister Michelle and I wanted to tell you how much your story touched us both. Michelle tended Britten up until little Charlie was born and my son Carson was his friend at daycare. We looked forward every day to see what Britten's t-shirt would say. If Charlie is half as tough as Britten then he has more than enough strength to fight this battle. The family pictures on your blog were so fun to view. Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and family. Hang in there and please let us know if you need any help with Britten during this time. I too have spent several days and nights at Primary and I am grateful to have such a wonderful hospital so close to home.
All our prayers,
Michelle and Valerie