Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good News- However slight- We will take it!!! :-)

Posted by Rob and Angel---Dr. Ventri came in earlier this morning and noticed that while they were messing with him he moved his legs a little on his own. They also noticed while checking his pupils that the flashlight shining in his eyes bothered him. They haven't made rounds yet so we don't know all the details.

Right now they are starting another IV so they will have another access incase he needs any more meds. The other places are at capacity. He's been back on "pressers", blood pressure meds since 6 this morning. Other than that he is pretty calm. Thanks for the prayers.

P.S. Thanks to Peggy and the Colonel for the spread in our room. Rob was a hungry boy last night.


Nana Sue said...

You bet we'll take the slightest mention of good news! Just want you to know prayers are being sent on your behalf from lots of different states and people! When one of our children suffer we all suffer, and those that can offer aid, assistance and prayers do in a big, big way!! We love you all, keep up your strength, hug that little guy for me!!!

Peterson Fam said...

Yay for good news!!! I can't stop thinking about your amazing little man What a trooper. He sure does have quite the crowd of guardian angels fighting for him both in heaven and here on earth. I love you guys and try to keep up the :-) posts.
Love, Loni Kat

Shani said...

I am so excited to hear some good news however slight it may seem. When I saw Charlie yesterday, and told him he needed to get better so I could feed him his first oreos, he seemed disinterested :). I think he is holding out on me because he wants bubble gum instead! I love you Charlie, Britton, Angel, Rob and worried Grandmas! I am constantly thinking about you and praying harder than I have ever prayed in my life. You guys are such an example to me of not just enduring, but "enduring WELL." You have already touched so many lives, and helped each and everyone of us learn to keep things in perspective. Small, everyday things that used to bother me or upset me seem to melt away and find myself seeing more of the big picture. Now I am just rambling, but know that I love you all so very much and ache for you. Hang in there Jack Jack!

Megan said...

I just read your comment...yes, when I looked through your pics it was crazy similar!
My little girl is also having issues with seizing, she was on Phenobarb. and Ativan to keep her seizures in control....she is now on Ativan and Trileptal and it has really been working pretty good for her. How did your baby get meningitis? Alyvia got it from bacteria getting into her lumbar drain. She had pseudomonos spinal meningits. I am not familiar with the kind your little boy has (Was he born with it?)

It is sooo hard watching your child go through these things, especially where there is nothing you can do to help them....The only advice I can offer is stay strong! Which you obviously are.
We will be following your blog and praying for little Charlie.

Are you guys in the PICU?

Brandi said...

I put your names on the Idaho Falls temple prayer roll yesterday. Our thought and prays are with you here in Idaho.
-Brandi (Shani's cousin)

ty, ann & max said...

Yea!! That is HUGE! I'm so happy to hear about the legs moving!!
This morning, before Max went to school, I showed him the photos of Charlie on the blog that he had been asking to see. The first one he saw was the one of Charlie w/his head wrapped up and all the tubes. Max said, "Aaaaah, DANG it!" Then he asked about all of the tubes.
Max has not missed an opportunity to pray for Charlie- his personal prayers, meal time prayers, random time throughout the day, whenever he thinks of it, all on his own, without reminders.
You should also know that Charlie's name in on several prayer rolls. My Aunt Joyce in Washington put him on two, my cousin Mark (who's son had menengitis) put him on the Idaho one, my friend Amanda went to the temple in San Fran and put him on there, and he is on the Mesa AZ roll here. Lots of people praying and pulling for him.
So glad to hear about the legs moving!
We love you so much,
Ann, Ty and Max

kara said...

Hooray for some good news, even slight! Angel, I am constantly thinking about you today every time I wash my hands in the exam room and see the EEG leads. Taking that opportunity to pray for Charlie. You are loved!

Raabarino said...

Alyvia's mom - Yes we are in the picu. Got here sunday night. As far as how he got it, he started w/ a low grade fever on fri of last week but still was playing and ok. then sat night he quit eating and we took him to the doc sunday morning, then here. The menigitis is "strep pneumo", pretty common but the amount of bacteria he had was the most that Dr. Osguthorpe (infectious disease) had ever seen. Not sure how he got it, probably an ear infection. It happend so fast.

jdahlke said...

I am so happy to hear good news this morning. I think about you all the time. We are praying for you all. I told Braydon about Charlie, and he was so heart broken. He prays for you all the time. Keep being strong. We love you all.
Jared, Jody, Braydon and T.J.

Anonymous said...

We want you all to know that everyone of us at Valley View Elementary is praying for your little Charlie. Know that we are here to support Grandma Cheryl and your family in anyway we can. Grandma Cheryl has always told us what a little angel he is! You have an amazing family! We love you guys!
Peggy Geurts - Valley View Elementary

Marilee said...

Rob, you posted earlier that you preferred "a small world". Got me to thinking about all the support you have from all over. Australia, Texas, Idaho and with us in Memphis and Todd in South Carolina it truly stretches from coast to coast and both hemispheres. All for you and this little angel and his family.
No matter how long this takes or where the path may lead, you will have this "small world" behind you. Stay strong, have faith and get some sleep for heavens sake!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing. Miracles do happen. "A single grain of rice can tip the scale." (The Emperor in Mulan.) Love ya tons.

Steve said...


Meghan said...

sharp work, char!

Meghan said...

by the way, britty just said "Ry, you have a cool house". ummm ok.

Aubrey said...

meg dont be so hard on yourself you do have have cool house.

p.s. great job jack jack keep it up

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