Monday, January 28, 2008

Late Monday night:

At midnight more labs will be drawn and depending on the results, a blood transfusion may be in order. Charlie Cooper also has a low potassium so that is being watched closely. The EEG machine is clicking away (the neurologist hasn't read the test), but he is getting phenobarbitol to stop the seizures. The artline and PICC line were inserted and a norephinerine drip was started to keep his blood pressure up. As of now his pressure is holding steady...

Rob and Angel REALLY appreciate all the concern everyone is showing. They don't want to offend by not returning the messages that are being left but they cannot have their phones on. Hopefully Tuesday they will be able to check the blog and respond to your comments.

PLEASE keep Charlie Cooper in your prayers.

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Suz said...

Rob and Angel, Granny called Monday night around 9:15 and said that she loves you and is going to pray a lot. She is so sad for the little man.