Friday, February 1, 2008

He's cute even when he's sick!

In the ambulance riding to PCMC. No fever, just fussy
In the ER, letting us know he doesn't feel well. We still thought it was the flu

In the ER waiting for results before any tubes

Wednesday- Blanket to keep him warm while his fever is down

Thursday night- saying good night

Thursday was an OK day so I can smile a little

Friday morning=Opening his eyes voluntarily for the first time since Monday night


Charlie Cooper said...

What an angel! Thanks Rob and Angel for the pictures. I bet it was good to see those beautiful eyes. Keep fighting sweet Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful child...Rob, he looks like his daddy. And I am guessing he is every bit as determined and spunky Love you, Jill B

Anonymous said...

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Nikki said... are my seed. Thank you, thank you for touching my life...