Monday, January 28, 2008

A Blog for Charlie

This is a blog for Charlie Cooper Christensen. We love this little man very very much. Charlie was diagnosed with Pneumoccocal Meningitis today and is very sick. He is at Primary Children's Hospital being cared for by some great doctors and nurses. He is working really hard to get his little body well. We (Meghan & Suz) will update this as often as we can for people to check back.

We would ask anyone who is checking this or concerned for our little Charlie to please pray for him. We will take all we can get. Our family and some friends are having an organized fast tomorrow, January 29th. Please join us as well if you can. Feel free to leave comments if you would like - I know Rob & Angel would love to read them and know how many people love and are concerned at this time....


Shirts said...

Could someone in the family contact me please?

BYU Football Office
(801) 422-2931


Meghan said...

Angel and Rob,

I am a co-worker of Meghan's and so I have been updated on your son's condition daily. My prayers are with you. I too had a very sick daughter for 8 weeks in the ICU at PCMC. I can tell you that the Lord is mindful of you and your son. You will find the strenght to face whatever lies ahead. Please know that many, many people are praying for Charlie and petitioning the Lord in your behalf.

Debbie Tucker

Anonymous said...

I am Mikell, Ann Barlow's sister. You are in our thoughts and prayers. It is a tough thing to stand by, as parents, and watch our little ones suffer. Know that our Heavenly Father has not left Charlie alone.

No need to respond, I just want to know we are thinking of you.

Mikell Payne

Shelby said...

Hi there...

I went all the way back to the begining of your blog to read the official diagnosis of Charlie. My cousin's son is 20 months old now and had the exact same meningitis. Her blog is:

I have forwarded her your blog as well. I am sure you all have an excellent support system but I just have this wonderful feeling that you could relate well with this family. the similarities are bone chilling.

Praying for Charlie!

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