Friday, February 1, 2008

Extubation??? :-l

Charlie has mostly been breathing on his own (triggering his own breaths) since they inserted the breathing tube on Monday. They are going to start tapering him off the ventilator. The vent started at 25 breaths per minute and then decreased it to 15 breaths per minute and then Charlie does the other 10 on his own. He will slowly be weened until they are able to extubate him (take out his breathing tube). The goal is to be down to around 8 ventilator breaths per minute by tomorrow. The up side to this is that they will no longer need to sedate him as much. The down side of this is that they will not be able to contantly monitor his CO2. It is important to keep the CO2 normal or low around 35-45 because if it rises the blood vessels in the brain dialate and increase the fluid/pressure in the brain.

Vital signs remain stable. The need for the BP med has been low. He tolerated the transfusion well without any reactions and his Hct has jumped up to 39 (normal!!!). The fever has come down to 100.5. He is calm and sleeping with a blanket and a cute stuffed monkey. We are hoping for a low CRP in the morning. (For those of you that like these details like I do...a normal CRP is 0.8. When Charlie came in it was 32, Tues=12, Wed=6 Thurs=5 Fri=9)
--posted by angel


Meghan said...

um, so what is a crp?

Suz said...

CRP, also known as C-Reactive Protein, is a test which measures the concentration in blood serum of a special type of protein produced in the liver that is present during episodes of acute inflammation or infection.

seanteyatroy said...

I love the details...thanks Ang. I hope tomorrow brings one less tube in that cute kiddo!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the description Susan!

It is so amazing to see how the body works! Little Charlie's is fighting for his life. Keep on keepin' on, little man. You can do it!!!

linds said...

i also love the details...thanks angel.