Friday, February 1, 2008

Origin of Jack Jack

Shani wrote this and I thought I would share it with those of you that don't know the story of the "Jack Jack" nickname
I have had several people ask me where the "Jack Jack" part of Charlie's blog address comes from, so I thought that I would clear it up for those who are out of the loop. Around the time Charlie was born, his big brother Britton was a big fan of the movie "The Incredibles." As many of you know, Britton loves to act out his favorite movies and charaters and this was no exception. Rob was always required to play the part of Mr. Incredible, while Angel was assigned the roll of Elastigirl. Britton did a superb job of being Dash and he naturally thought that the new baby would conveniently fit into the roll of Jack Jack. Before this sweet baby was even born, he had a reputation to live up to with his super hero brother. For the first little while, Britton refused to call Charlie anything other than Jack Jack or Jack Jack Attack, and even now if you ask him what his brother's name is, he will frequently tell you "Jack Jack." So thus you have it, the origin of Jack Jack. And of course, we expect some super hero things out of him. Especially now! By the way, I was going through my "healthy" Charlie pictures and I decided we needed another one of his smiling face and big inquisitive eyes to float around the world wide web!
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Aubrey said...

thank you shani i was hoping to see a picture of him like that for a LONG time without all those tubes on

lifeduringnaptime said...

cute! my little one is named Jack & everyone calls him Jack-Jack.