Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Night

Coop received Botox in both calves to loosen his ankles and the left wrist. There is a limit on the amount of BoTox a person can have according to their weight. Because Charlie is so little he was only able to get three muscles injected so Dr. Such-Niber chose the three most concerning areas. The areas need to be massaged frequently due to the thick consistency of the medication (similar to a tetnus shot). The medication should paralysis the muscles for up to 3 months. Tomorrow he will be fitted with removable casts for both legs to start slowly flexing his ankles and stretching the tendons again. He finally has fallen asleep again after the IV Ativan. Yea!


Nolan & Dawny Aders said...

Rob, Angel, sweet Charlie & big bro...Brit,
There hasn't been a prayer we have offered since day one of your ordeal that hasn't had all of you in it. Know that all our good thoughts are focused on Charlie's well being. From our experience with Jada we understand a portion of what is in an experience like this, somehow there is added strength that isn't definable. Your sweet boys are giants among us.
Nolan & Dawny (Andrea's parents)

Roxey said...

I hope you all get rest tonight. I'm so glad that you and Rob have each other. Much love and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Guys... I am glad to hear the little guy is getting some rest. I saw our little Marley tonite, she is now 1 year old... her birthday was yesterday and while she is no where as big as Charlie (she is a Barraclough after all) she is crawling and jabbering and acting like a 1 year old. Had you told me exactly one year ago that I would watch her crawl and smile and respond and be a normal one year old (Kenny says to say she is really nine months and that makes her right on target... just like the little man)... I would have smiled and thought "Oh well, we will see!" Today I saw the proof of that one year old miracle and it is possible.

Last year on this exact day Kenny and Rock were just asking the Lord for just one more day.. And now they have had 366 days. What a blessing... and you will have that too.

I love you guys and will bring you food whether it be for you or the masses. Jamie and I feel like we need to do something.

Take care.. Kiss the baby for me and love each other..
Happy Valentines!

JIll B