Saturday, February 16, 2008

Moon Boots

Charlie told me (I wish) that his peeps needed to see his new runn'in shoes so here ya go. He's deceptively fast, like Travis LaTendresse, in his new sneaks so watch out. Last night was crappy for our little man. You'd think that after 3 seizures my little bubba would sleep or be postictal for a while but nope. He was only out for an hour and then we decided to keep the nurses jumpin and pull an all-nighter. We laughed and joked (well maybe only dad laughed and joked) and peed on the nurse (just Charlie) and pooped the bed (maybe both of us?). Boys night in was a hoot. Unfortunately that was the exact opposite of what Char needed because in light of recent events/seizures the whole gambit of docs is going to come by and participate in what Charlie and I call the "Poke Parade" (Shannon I said Poke not Pork, don't get excited) where everyone works him over, scratches their heads and unanimously concurs with "let's up the dose." I say this all with my tongue quite far into my cheek as we are all very confident with the care Charlie is receiving w/ the exception of Residents that call the lower north forty home, but that just seems to be the routine. I'm hopeful that after all the horse cookies are cleaned up from the parade our little boy can get some much needed sleep and knock off this seizure business.


Andrea said...

Those boots look like they need some signatures and I bet those feet are going to be really really stinky when they come out!

Andrea M

Meghan said...

i've heard of white knuckled, but never white toesied. he trying hard to get a webb style creepy toe grab on those boots. i would love to be the first to sign his casts, and its killing me to not come over after work this morning, but several of my ppl including myself are a bit under the weather, so i'll stay away. boo. you made a pretty crappy post funny - i know you guys are working hard to stay positive... in the immortal words of amy & emily, "you have to laugh at yourselves sometimes, because you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't...". thanks for keeping me laughing. i'm tired of crying.

speaking of laughing... pappi? really? i hadn't noticed the hand down south - thanks for pointing that out. i laughed out loud. i'm sure he held britt's hand right after...

Anonymous said...

Hopefully his sleep cycle is just messed up and he'll have a quiet day.

Suz said...

Where are you Marilee?

Anonymous said...

How did such a little boy get meningitis?????? Do we know how Charlie contacted it, or is it just one of "those things" that was passed around through the air and since he is so little it caused a type of bacterial infection? Oh, sweet baby....we are praying for you Charlie, Rob and Angel. I'm sure there is a whole legion of angels watching over you right now. Keep fighting, little guy, and get the rest you need.
Amy Reed

Meghan said...

amy, it is still a mystery since he did receive the vaccination (prevnar). They say he could have caught it from someone who had an ear infection or even just a cough... we will never know....

-meghan - charlie's aunt

and yes, marilee, i also wonder where you are... on vacation?

Charlie Cooper said...

Amy, we don't know for sure how he got it. The type of bacteria that got Charlie is very common and most of us out there are carriers. Usually when we get infected we're able to shake it off like a flu or runny nose, but little infants are much more vunerable. Charlie had a small ear infection and they think that is how the bacteria got in and spread from there. The Doc's said that if he was just 4 or 5 months older this would have been a totally different story. The crazy thing is that Charlie had all three vaccinations for Strep-Pneumo meningitis before he got sick. Hope that answers your question. -ROB

Anonymous said...

Rob, Angel or Meg, email me and I'll get you the paypal html. I finally figured it out!

Marilee said...

Herewith: A cheezy poem for the CCJJ blog

I go to this site every morn, every night,
I check in between with hope and with fright.
There’s Rob and Angel, the best of the best,
The family, the friends and all of the rest.
It makes me smile, it makes me glad,
But mostly it just makes me mad.
I shout to the Gods, I rant and I curse,
What on earth for a child could be worse?
And then a voice inside my head moans,
They could be a lot worse, they could be alone.
There is still joy, there is still love,
And most of all there is Our Father above.
So I’ll check every night, and I’ll check every day,
To see what the blog people have to say.
And I when I read, I’ll read with mirth,
For these are Gods children here on earth.

Anonymous said...

oh how true Merilee, he could be alone, but instead he has this amazing family that loves and supports him and his mom and dad.
And then of course his Hevenly Father and all those angels to love him and guide him.

Rob & Ang , we are still praying like crazey, i don't think i have prayed this much in a very long time.
we love you,

Rod & Deirdre

Kelly said...

Merilee - great poem! It's true though, we do laugh & cry, shout & praise every day for this baby. I hope today turns out to be a better one for CCC.

Rob - thanks for helping us laugh in the especially hard times you are feeling. What a great family, so positive thru the hardest of times. Good on you!

Richard said...

Did you mean University of Wyoming Poke Parade? Let me know what day this week is good for lunch for you guys. Richard

Suz said...

Marilee.....that is great! Glad to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation, Meghan and Rob. I didn't know much about meningitis, and how it can start until I began reading this blog. I can't believe there is no way to prevent (since the vaccines didn't seem to work) a bacterial infection like this. I am so so sorry. I check this blog daily, and just hope and pray that your little boy will be healed. Don't give up hope, don't give up your faith, and know that God is watching over you.