Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day :-)

Happy Valentine's from PCMC!
I guess that means I have to leave the hospital and get something for my super smok’in hot wife today. I'm sure that she can't wait for a Harlequin Romance type dinner downstairs at the Rainbow Cafe tonight; after all she is married to the smoothest guy in Davis County. She's so lucky. We've added a "Are we storming" deal to the top of the blog for those interested in Charlie's current condition. It will give you a general idea of where he's at and one of us will try and update it as often as occasion permits or whenever we're bored. The number is his heart rate and that is the best indication that a thalamic storm is coming on, we're told that normal for a baby Charlie's age/weight is around 120 Bpm. Charlie's night was well below average w/ little or no sleeping. He had one of his worst storms in days, it lasted about 4 hours and his heart rate broke the 2 hundy mark. Boo. Medication/Exhaustion kicked in about 0600 and he fell asleep but that only lasted until morning rounds started at 0700 and all those concerned w/ Char's condition began their work. Dr. Terry (Jolene's neighbor) is increasingly troubled by our little buddies’ ankles so today he gets his Botox and casts, should be fun and w/ Charlie’s recent proclivity to agitation I’m sure he won't mind at all. Word from the Infectious Disease folks is that they want to keep him on his biotics for 2 more weeks which triggers word from Neuro-Surgery that they won't internalize his shunt until that therapy is complete. So word from Angel and I is that we'll be here for at least 2 1/2 more weeks. Now you have all the words.


Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day Charlie. Hang in there little guy. Our continual prayers are with you and your wonderful family and friends. You are loved by people you don't even know!

Anonymous said...

On this valentines day, We send our love to Rob & Ang and their two sweet little boys. Know that we are here for you and would move mountains for you if we could. You are in our prayers constantly and we know that the Lord is watching out for you and especially for Charlie.
Love you guyes

Rod & deirdre

Anonymous said...

why do his arms have to be in splints and legs in casts? I must have missed that post that explained why. We are still cheering for Charlie and hope all his wonderful care and treatment will pay off! Hang in there! And have a happy Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

I have been following Charlie's updates since I heard about the terrifying news from a good friend of yours...My heart just absolutely ACHES for your sweet little family. I have a little boy only a little bit older than Charlie and I can't imagine as a parent watching your child go through something like this. just from reading these posts I know that Charlie is absolutely a fighter and wants to continue here on this earth and I know in my heart that the lord is constantly watching over him and he KNOWS the pain and agony that you as parents are going through...The lord gives us trials that are soo hard but he knows we can handle them if we stay true to the gospel and close to our heavenly father. Rob and Angel, you are both such wonderful examples of strength and courage during this difficult time, and I think thats what also gets charlie through this painful time..We will continue to pray and pray and pray for your sweet Charlie, He truly is an angel and I KNOW that he can fight this nasty nasty illness and conquer it all. We already love Charlie just from reading and seeing sweet pictures of him. What a little stud muffin. Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

The Butlers said...

Angel and Rob,
I have been glued to the computer for the past and Charlie are in out constant thoughts and prayers. Sending lots of love your way...esecially this day. If there is ANYTHING at all that we can do, please email us...dinner, babysit, whatever...please let me know. You both are so amazing.
Love, Megan Butler

Rebecca said...

Rob and Angel, I heard about Charlie from Allie and Brad a few nights ago and I've been thinking of you guys ever since. Angel, you have always had such a good attitude towards life and I have always admired your optimistic nature (even way back during our cheerleading days at WX). I am so impressed by how you both are dealing with this and I can only imagine what you are going through. Please know that you all (especially Charlie) are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. Love you, Ang!

Rebecca Whitney

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines to all the Christensen:

I want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been to us through this time in your life. We are praying for Charlie and for you Rob and Angel.

David & Michelle
Bowthorpe (Longman)

Charlie Cooper said...

Maybe this should be in a post of its own because we have really detailed what is happening to Charlie's wrists and ankles. As a result of all the posturing and stiffness that is a side of effect of brain trauma, Charlie is really close to suffering from contracture. Basically that means if his tendons and muscles continue in their current conditions they will shorten and kind of weld themselves into place making the joint immovable. So, casts and splints keep the tendons and muscles stretched out. I hope that makes sense.

Andrea said...

Happy Valentines! Love the Rainbow Cafe. It is such a romantic place. Don't forget your own candles, they do not provide them. Love you all!

Andrea Mathis

P.S. Will you put the account information on the side too? Something like...An account has been set up for Charlie Cooper. You can donate by going to any Utah First Credit Union.

Charlie Cooper said...

I meant to say, "we haven't really detailed..."

Derek & Kelli said...

Rob & Angel:

We are constantly checking the computer to hear how little Charlie is doing. He is such a precious little boy and what a fighter!!! Our 3 year old boy Hadley (he's in Britton's sunbeams class) says his prayers each night and and never forgets to bless "Cute little Charlie" and "hopes that he will get better soon so that he can go to Disneyland." Keep the faith....we are all praying for Charlie and your family.

Derek, Kelli, Hadley & Owen Rapp

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father we asking for your loving hands to touch Charlie. Father heal him and release this diasese from his little body. Father his parents have been so faithful to accept each and every prognosis and still pray for your guidance. Let each of us have the courage that little Charlie has endured. Thank you Lord.

seanteyatroy said...

Happy Valentines Day Coop!! Thinking about you guys!! Love Wuggs

Shani said...

Jack Jack, be thankful that you are asleep during Valentines Day. Over priced roses, gross chaulky conversation hearts...I could go on and on. One day when you are older and have a girlfriend you will wish you could sleep through this silly holiday! But Happy Valentine's anyway. I love you Charlie. Next year your treat aunt will hook you up with some pretty sweet chocolate for Valentines!

Sam said...

Happy Valentines Day Christensens! Just wanted to let you know you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We love you all!

Sam and Paul Hixson

Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan - can you post Charlie's account information as a side bar so all new visitors can see it easily and it doesnt get lost in the post? Thank you. People really do want to help!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day! I, too, think it is a waste. But, here it is and the wind is blowing at about 70 mph at my house and the ice is clogging the streets and it is really fun. Kenny's power is off, Britty is locked up down in Lehi where the worst of the storm hit (Scott is venturing down there this morning!). But it is the day of love and Charlie, we love you and your family. I really appreciate the prayer that was put into the blog.. it was special: Thank you, to whoever posted it.

Charlie, you are a super kid and my prayers have become very reptitious... but they are still coming... My day of love to you all.
JIll B

Anonymous said...

wishes and prayers for you all at this time keep your heads up and keep walking.

Anonymous said...

Just another thanks from just another reader who has been deeply touched by your example and experiences. Thank you for sharing and giving so much of yourselves at such a vunerable time. You really are an amazing example. I love you all and I don't even know you! May this day of love be celebrated by this extraordinarily loving family--immediate and extended!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Give me strength and wisdom,
When others need my touch;
A soothing word to speak to them,
Their hearts yearn for so much.
Give me joy and laughter,
To lift a weary soul;
Pour in me compassion,
To make the broken whole.
Give me gentle healing hands,
For those left in my care;
A blessing to those who need me,
This is a Nurse's prayer.

A huge shout out to all the nurse's at Primary Children's who have tenderly cared for Charlie...wishing you the greatest Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...



shelby said...

You guys have been a constant thought of mine latley! I read this yesterday and immediatly thought of you,
Those who remain true and faithful to God through difficult trials and tribulations, enable Him to bless them and strenghten them tremendously!
Happy Valentines Day to you, and know we are sending lots of love, and prayers your way!

Jody Knapp said...

He looks like such a cutie pie with his Valentines get-up! But my question is when are YOU sleeping?!?!?

Charlie Cooper said...

Jody thanks for the concern but I learned early in the Army that I can "rest when I'm dead." I can't tell you how often we heard that and the Drill Sgt's thought they were so funny. Ang and I are getting z's when we can. Thanks.

stinkweed said...

this stinks that he is in the hospital for his very first valentines day. but at least he is getting a great nap.