Friday, February 15, 2008

Rough Night :<

The nurse paged the attending resident last night (not from ID) and she came up to explain why they are giving the vanco. She had come by earlier to tell us but we were out to lunch. She said the same thing the nurse told me, that it is a gram positive cocci that started growing after 24 hours. They will not know what specific organism it is until a little later because they had so little to work with they had to let it multiply then see what it responds to. The called ID and they recommended the treatment. Since the process to culture the organism takes so long, hospital policy is to automatically start him on vancomyacin. The resident couldn't answer any of my other questions. I also asked the neuro-surgery residents this morning and they said I have to ask ID. Neuro did tell me this morning that the organism is not strep pneumo. It did not grow in the "Petri dish only in the broth" so that could mean it was a contaminant or it could mean it is staph. Once again they referred me to Infectious Disease. His CT on Monday showed 2 abscesses but they are too small to drain. From what I understand they are encapsulated so the presumed organism that is inside would not show up in the CSF. Yet another question for ID.

His night was pretty rough again. He started a big storm at about 10:30 and his HR slowly increased to 198 over the course of 2 1/2 hours. The nurse ended up paging the resident to give his Clonadine 45 minutes early (@11:15). They turned off his drain for the allowable 30 minutes because he had dumped 30 cc/h20 in one hour. He was still agitated so they gave IV morphine. He calmed down a little around 1:00 but it didn't last very long.


Roxey said...

aarrrgh! I'm so sorry. you need a break. I'm still praying my guts our for Charlie, you, and the doctors.

Anonymous said...

Hey there little Charlie. I have become one of your biggest fans!! What a little fighter. I pray that today will be a good day :). We need some happy faces with those posts. May the storms calm and may things quiet down for you and your family.


Julianna said...

Rob and Angel, I clicked on this link from Megan Butler's blog and can't even believe my eyes. I am so sorry you are going through this. I'm so sorry for little Charlie. I can't even imagine what you are dealing with right now. Please know that more people than you realize are praying for you right now!

Julianna (Strunk) Wolfley

Pam said...

Hey there, I found your page through the bloggy world....I think it was Megan and Alyvia....can't be sure...but I have been stalking your blog and keeping track of little Charlie.

He is such a beautiful little boy, and what a fighter!!

We have a little fighter of our own, who has spent lots of time up at Primary's. we are currently home, but will be having more surgeries and such in the next month or so.

I just wanted to come out of my lurking, and tell you that we are all praying for you, and hoping that you are out of there soon.

Lot's of Hugs,

Pam and Rhett Bird

Megan said...

When we went from the PICU to the NTU floor it was an adjustment. I felt like the PICU was more on the up and up. The thing I hated most about the NTU is there are SO many different doctors (well 1/2 of them aren't even Dr's yet.) Some weeks our team of Dr's were great...and the next...not so great.
You guys deserve answers. There is someone (sorry, I cannot remember their name, they are kind of like a social worker) they would represent Charlie and get things done. (I mean done ASAP.) So if you ever feel like things aren't happening, ask your nurse or social worker about it.
Also, you can request to have a care conference to get all the doctors on the same page.

I hope this helps, these are things I wish we would've known earlier on.
Don't get me wrong, we liked Primary's, but after being there so long we did have some run-ins with some of the docs.

We are thinking of you guys and praying. Stay strong. The Lord is aware of little Charlie Cooper. I really hope today is a better day, for Charlie and for you parents.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a good day, Charlie!! It's beautiful and sunny out, let's bring that brightness inside today too!!! Good luck, Rob and Ang!!

erin said...

Come on sweet charlie... go to your happy place. For me its the beach for you I'm sure its playing with your mom, dad, and britty while munching on food. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog through a friend's blog, and just want you to know that even strangers are praying for your little boy and crying with you through this trial. I have read through a few posts, but am curious to know HOW he got the strep. I have a baby boy, and am wondering if you know what, if anything, could keep other babies from having to suffer through all that you are going through right now. I'm so sorry, and hope that you will know how many people are thinking and praying for your little Charlie. He's so beautiful.

Laings said...

Rob and Angel,
We have been following little Charlie since this blog was set up and want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and both your boys.
Russ and Kim Laing