Friday, February 15, 2008

Seizures and Sushi

Our good buddy Sammy brought up some great sushi tonight and Angel lost her raw fish virginity. She is yet to make up her mind how she feels about her maiden voyage. I say that the seas were smooth and willingly gave up its bounty so that we could dine and feel like we were way cooler than we really are. Thanks for the experience Sammy.
Seizures suck. Over a week has passed and we thought that Charlie was done w/ this seizure nonsense. Well, he's fooled everyone again and went ahead w/ 3 separate seizures tonight, 2 of which were after IV Ativan was administered to halt the 1st. This is all very disconcerting if you'll understand that he is already on 2 drugs given prophylacticly with the aim of smacking the brain squarely in the face before it even thinks about misfiring. The 1st one lasted 10 min, 2nd maybe 5-10 min. but don’t know for sure because we were feeding our faces and we heard his ankle casts clicking together, 3rd lasted 25 min. and cleared on it’s own. All 3 occurred in about a 90 min. span. The good thing is that he is now post ictal and will hopefully rest for a time. He was having a pretty tough evening tonight and seemed to turn his backside toward every drug given to help him mellow. The confusing thing is that throughout the episodes his vitals stayed steady so there is no real way to tell from the monitor what is going on so Rob gets to maintain a bedside vigil to watch for a repeat performance. I knew that pulling fire guard in the army (Staying up all night to watch for fires in a solid concrete building that can’t start on fire.) would come in handy. There really is military intelligence.
Addendum: Just a few more details. Charlie's phenobarbitol level came back to be 27.4 (within therapeutic range) so they increased his Keppra. He had a temp of 38.4 (101.1) around 7:00 which was brought down by Tylenol and Motrin in combination.


Meghan said...

thanks for answering my questions, but i didn't really love the answers. work harder next time.

angel, the fish - dead+raw=nasty.

where is the pic of the moonboots?

Jay said...

not good little guy you need to sleep now for the night.

Roxey said...

I'm so sorry, you guys. Hang in there and keep the faith. Your sense of humor kills me! I don't know how you do it!

PS.I want to see the moon boots too!!