Monday, February 11, 2008

No News is Good News :)

Char is sleeping and the world is happy. He just got back from a little Ultra Sound and CT roady. The Ultra Sound was to look at the fluid collection on his back that they found during his last MRI and the CT was a precautionary move to make sure that his fevers are from the Storms and not a new infection. We're pretty sure the're from the storms because they spike concurrently. (Erin sorry if I lost you, con·cur·rent [kuhn-kur-uhnt]–adjective 1. occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side) As far as results, because it is so late in the day we won't get any of the results until tomorrow so no news is good news tonight. Today Charlie has had a little trouble keeping is O2 above 90% so Dr. Lamb (Charlie's new Attending) has ordered a thorough nasal sucking q4 that i'm sure Charlie is so excited about we'll have trouble keeping his trousers on. W/ new doses of meds tonight has moved, much like Char's bowels, smoothly and he's limp for the first time in two weeks. No arched back and legs will stay bent, however his wrists and ankles are still reaaaaallllllllyyyyyy tight. No hearing or eye test today but hopefully tomorrow. I don't know about you but I like posting when Coop is peaceful, it inspires a far more jocular post. (sorry Erin)


Jody and Jeremy Knapp said...

I like it too! You guys always make me smile even if there are some tears in there too. You guys have both been so great and so strong through all of this. Charlie (and Brit) are so lucky.

Megan said...

We are thinking of you guys and hope Charlie has a good night. Even though you are out of the PICU, I know your journey still isn't guys sure have been through a LOT! We will be praying that Charlie's CT looks good. I know I've said it before, but Charlie is a fighter!

Trish said...

Hooray for relaxation, even if it's only for short periods. That's got to feel so good to him to have his muscles relaxed and not actively tense. What a wonderful little step!!!

Steve said...

Right on, glad to hear all three of you are getting a little time to chill.

Char, keep rockin boy! Small or fleeting as they seem sometimes, the wins add up.

Semper fi

mitzi said...

Hey Cousins- We think, pray and read about you guys daily. We are so glad to hear that things may be a little peaceful for the time being. I pray the results come back positive, cuz you all deserve it!!! Even though we don't come up and bother you, you are in our thoughts and prayers daily and if there is anything, anything at all we can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask! We love you so much!!! Jeff & Mitzi

erin said...

Ok really... what did I do to you to make you want to mock me so?  Explain please. I have gotten a lot better at reading long wordy passages. I even made it through your personal blog. It was a challenge so I took many breaks and had a BSer's dictionary by my side. FYI I do know the meaning of many big words... I even knew the meaning of concurrent. Bring it on brother...  Sleep well sweet Charlie!

Anonymous said...

My computer is working again. I was so stressed that I couldn't read this blog, that Jamie and I had to come in and see for ourselves. Charlie is still amazingly beautiful and he is definitely going to be the buffest kid in Davis County. The way he is working those abs, he'll have a 12 pack in no time. So watch out.. Big Coop is coming!

Still praying and hoping, we are all looking for the positive to begin happening and it will soon.
I am happy to see Rob and Ang get some time with Britty. And hope they are getting some rest, too.

Looks like Brit is fairing quite well and that is AWESOME!

Love you, all... JIll B