Saturday, February 16, 2008

Footwear-Spring Collection 2008

Unfortunatly, our kids have to deal with the constant struggle between The U and The Y.


Trish said...

How long will he have these casts? Will they recast to different positions as his tendons re-stretch to their anatomical positions?

grandpadavidpeggy said...

Rob and Angel. I think you will want to see this blog page from my niece Johna Spigel. It is a nice tribute to Charlie and your little family.
Love, Peggy

whitney said...

It's like Choose the Right. And by right, I mean left.

DanandEmma said...

I was told about your blog a few days ago by a friend. She found it by chance and both she and I have been checking in on Charlie everyday since then.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers. He's a truly adorable little boy!
PS Go Cougars!

Meghan said...

ok, i am not sure who the artists were, but come one rob, the Y cast looks a little weak. work on that will ya?

stinkweed said...

well to make them not go threw the constant struggle you need become all Y fans.