Wednesday, February 13, 2008

an account

a few days after charlie was hospitalized, and we knew we were in for the long haul, one of angels friends who has dealt with long term hospitalization suggested opening bank account for charlie. after several more people suggested or asked about the possibility of donating to charlie, i talked with angel and rob about it. honestly, they felt awkward about it, and were very unsure about the whole deal, but didn't really have the energy to think too much about it. from the very beginning i have been concerned (as are they) about the long term costs that will be associated with the care of our special little guy and suggested that there were people who wanted to do something, but felt helpless. i let the idea go for the time being with all that was going on.

Yesterday, I got a call from a sweet, sweet, proactive friend of angel & robs, who told me she had opened an account for Charlie. so, for those who would like to donate to help with charlie's medical and long term costs, you can donate at any Utah First Credit Union. The account is in his name - Charlie Cooper Christensen. any money that isn't needed for charlie will be donated to Primary Children's Medical Center.

Again, we can't say it enough... we love you all and are constantly amazed by your show of love and support.

-Meghan - Charlie's aunt.


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful idea for sweet little Charlie. I have been addicted to his blog after finding it through a friend of a friend's blog. I have two boys around the same ages as Charlie and Britt, so it hits home for me. I cannot even begin to imagine what Angel and Rob are going breaks my heart everyday. I say prayers for Charlie and his family multiple times a day. Miracles happen everyday and I pray that Charlie can continue to fight and overcome all odds. I pray for his family that they have the faith, love, support and strength to get through this time. What a beautiful heart goes out to you guys and I am sending every positive thought and prayer your way. In regards to this post, I live out of state, so I am wondering if you could post an address as to where I could send a donation for Charlie to. Keep fighting are such a little champion!!

Anonymous said...

We have been checking on Cooper's progress and ask Susan how it is going. I know from experience that sometime when we ask Heavenly Father for things the answer is "not yet" "be patient - this is a time to learn something". But I know that "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait" and have hope this will happen for Cooper. Love and support to you and your family.

Love, Susan's neighbor Liz Bodkin

becca said...

What a great idea! You don't know me either, but I also have two boys about the same age as yours, and it just breaks my heart to see what your baby is going through! I wanted to help in some way, and this is perfect! Our family is praying for you, and wish little Charlie a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

Yea for being able to DO something!!!! (Besides merely adding my ramblings here.)

StakerSensations said...

this is a fabulous idea...i looked up utah first credit union to see where to send donations and the address is : Utah First Credit Union
208 East 800 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

However you can call this phone number to get his account number or key word to put on the donation as well...(801) 320-2600...just to make sure!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI If you go and try to deposit money into the Utah First Credit Union account, all you need to do is give them his name: Charlie Cooper Christensen Fund, and they can look it up.
If you want to MAIL a check, the best way would be to send money to the Bountiful Branch where the account was established at:
Utah First Credit Union
Attn: Anthony
1520 South 500 West
Woods Cross, Utah 84087

Make the checks out to Charlie Cooper Christensen.

troy said...

Another option if the kind soul who started this is willing to take the time, is to set up a PayPal account that puts the donation into the account that was set up at Utah First Credit Union. Then they could put a paypal link on their blog. I have seen A LOT of web sites dealing with Liver Transplants that use this option and have heard it works really well.


Anonymous said...

We have made a small donation to Charlie's account to show our support and how much we are all praying for Charlie to get better and give his parents some much needed rest and bring Charlie and Britti to their new home. I challenge everyone who can to donate any amount they can afford on payday, if everyone does this then it will keep paying forward...........keep fighting sweet Charlie.......