Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photo Update :)

Below are all of the pictures I have taken in the last 4 days and haven't posted. I don't have any pictures of the new house because my camera stays at the hospital to document momentous occasions like suctioning and road trips. We moved in our new house yesterday and stayed there last night. I will post pictures soon but I can tell you that the house turned out better then I ever imagined because of everyone's help. It was such an incredible and humbling day to realize how much time and effort others have sacrificed in order for this to happen. Everyone had a role, whether it was watching kids, trips to the dump, muscling furniture, painting, building, fixing problems, cleaning, running errands, decorating etc. After everyone left last night Rob and I walked around the house in awe noticing something new in every room. Rob's family put a sign above our back door that reads "This House was Established 2008. Started with strength, finished with LOVE." I truly can feel love in every room of that house. It already feels like home, like we belong there and we owe it all to you. Thanks to everyone for making that happen. We love you!!!Thursday night the music therapist came by to see if Charlie would respond to any instruments. Bells, drums, guitars, beach sticks, ect. No response except to a drum that put off vibrations as well.
Rob checking out Britt's tonsils
Britt and Paige trying to play game cube- Neither one of them know how.
Paige and Charlie
These Nurses are awesome- Rob and I were High School friends with Becky (middle)
Today Charlie's new Ride was custom fit. It took all three therapists but I think we got it. Notice Coops pouting lip
Figuring out the headrest while he sleeps. This stroller/wheelchair even has shocks for 4-wheelin'
All strapped inI think it's cute that Coop's toes (right) are just like his Dad's (the second toe lays on top of the first)

Britt zoomed "Super Cooper" puppet doll in for a landing.
Britt wanted both "Super Coopers" tucked in for their nap on Sunday

All tuckered out


The Baum's said...

Holy moly - Coop is so freaking cute - I always felt bad when I thought Kylie's sad faces were so cute, but he is pretty dang cute with the pouty lip! Hopefully the new ride means more mobility for Coop - it will be nice when he can go outside and soak up the sun! Love you guys and congrats on the new house!

Jen Baumgartner

Roxey said...

You deserve all the great things you get. I'm glad you love your house, and I can't wait to see it. Thanks for sharing the new pics, they always make me smile. Love and prayers

Sam said...

Charlie looks so adorable. I am so excited you are moved in, please let us know if you need anything. Paul said he can get you some dimmers for all of those lights if you haven't already-I'm sure the house looks amazing!!

Love and prayers

Paul and Sam

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I love the pictures! Charlie is so adorable. The new wheels look pretty cool. I hope you are feeling a bit more hopeful. I love the sign that Rob's family put up in the house. It is SO true!! I am praying for no storms and a peaceful night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the new pictures (the Jazz are getting killed...oh well).I think Coop's hair has grown a lot. I know he has. But the hair really caught my eye.
I love the new Wheels, I know you will use them frequently and enjoy the freedom it will give you.

Coop can come "feel" Jace play the drums...I know the neighbors can and I have walls that are cracking from it. Would love to have him come sway with the racket. You can also have Cheryl rock with him.

Can't wait to see the house finished. I know that your house was "finished with love"...

Love you, JIll B

Meghan said...

so good to see charles today after my 3 week hiatus...i'm glad he was being a good boy while i was there. love him in his new ride...

Trish said...

Those are great pictures and I love Charlie's new horse! Can't wait to see the new house all moved in. Any recent word on a discharge date?

Jada Rose said...

I thought that Rob's "Talon for a Toe" was simply a genetic discharge left over from the paleolithic genes that are commonly present in in his thoughts and actions? But alas it has gained some dominance in his gene pool! Could it be that for some reason Nature has seen fit for that malformation to continue? Is there some advantage that it brings to the species that we have yet to discover? I suppose only time will tell. We will wait and see to what use evolution will put such a peculiar adaptation?

It makes me smile to think of this Family in such a beautiful Home. I wish I could say this family and this home deserve eachother. But in reality the Home is lucky to have such a beautiful and loving family in it!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Mr. Charlie has grown alot since the last pictures you posted just a few days ago. The close up when he's all strapped in makes him look like a young man and not a baby. It will be so nice when you can take him out in the fresh air & I bet he will love it. Hope Charlie and everyone else has a good day. Prayers, hugs and kisses from Missouri where it's sunny and 75 degrees.

Ginny said...

Welcome to the neighborhood!! We are so glad to have you and your amazing family!! Good luck with the unpacking!