Saturday, March 15, 2008

grandma's in the house...

While feeling depressed watching Sport's Beat, since the Y lost the game in the last few minutes, nurse Jenny was giving High 5's to Charlie. Both of his pupils were reactive to the light - she hasn't seen this the last three nights that she has been here. She said they are on the border of "sluggish to brisk." Great news!
Nurse Randa hadn't seen Charlie for 10 days and was pleased to see good progress, more voluntary movement and alertness. She was telling me that his diliated eyes and his discongate right eye could be a result of many of his meds. He hasn't had any storms for more than a day. He gets irritable but that is nothing compared to the storms. They tell me that irritability is part of his becoming more alert - so strong work, sweetie!
I enjoyed holding Charlie a few hours ago, but I'm not sure he cared for it much. Rocking such a precious baby is a blessing and a pleasure.Hope he has a peaceful night.G-ma Cheryl


Trish said...

Yay Charlie and mom, you're the best. I know I'm so grateful that I got to be your daughter and I'm sure that all my siblings, their spouses and kiddos feel the same way. Give the little fighter a smooch on the cheek from me!

Trish said...

What are his current meds?

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, you are getting good at this reporting stuff. I am impressed. I would like to ditto what Trish says... I admire you and your family tremendously. I idolized you and Mar as a kid and now I am in awe of the parents you have become. Gammy did a magnificent job. Little Charlie is so fortunate to have been born into your family at this time. I am sure that it was not by accident. I see great things coming out of all of you. And Charlie, those Charlie steps seem to be getting a little bigger. Keep reaching little one, we are all praying and hoping to see you out of there and playing in your new home with your studly little brother.

Sorry about the Y, the Jazz lost in the last seconds, too. Bummer!

Love you guys, you are truly the best... Jill B

Suz said...

YAHOO for almost brisk pupils!

Marilee said...

I love reactive pupils!! (if being irritable is part of being more alert then I am super alert.)
Lets play boo-yay
Boo-BYU lost last night.
Yay-They're still going to the NCAA tornament.
Boo-Charlie didn't care for being held.
Yay- Cheryl got to hold her pupil reactive grandbaby. And--she is posting on the blog. Yahoo!

Roxey said...

Yeah!! That is great news about reactive pupils!! Keep up the great work and the 'Charlie steps' sweet boy!! Love and prayers!!

Johna S. said...

What baby doesn't get irritable sometimes... What person doesn't get irritable sometimes? Things are sounding better everyday! Thanks for keeping us updated- I am sure that I am not the only one that wants to see pictures of the house too (hint,hint). The prayers haven't stopped yet- and we continue to be amazed by your strength!