Wednesday, March 12, 2008


It is finally my turn (Grandma Kathi) to spend the night with our little guy. It has been a great afternoon and evening. Charlie has been asleep for most of it. He has had visits from two of Angel and Rob's school friends, Becky and Darin. And then of course the big visit from the UTAH Football players. Charlie was sooo... impressed. He loved the jersey and demanded to put it on right away. If anyone wants to view it, you will find it framed and hanging in Charlies bedroom.
About 8:30 I got to hold him for over an hour and we both loved it. Actually Charlie slept through it and I loved it. But 10 minutes ago the nurse came in to let us know that the test that was done on March 8th (when Charlie had the fever) and originally came back negative, was cultured longer and is in fact positive for the flu virus. So that is the reason that he had the fever last week and still has mucus junk going on in his throat and nose. Also, that is the reason that he is needing oxygen from time to time. Those coming to the hospital may need to put on a mask or gown before coming into the room just as a precaution. This is mainly to prevent the virus from spreading to anyone else. The nurse said that they may wait a few days to take another culture from his sputum to see what is happening. However, Charlie is resting well and does not have any sign of a fever. Hopefully this is the way the whole night will be.


Meghan said...

Boo- for the flu, but i never thought i would be so relieved to hear that sweet baby coop had the flu! i love answers. so now at least we know. the flu sucks - i hope he's appropriately medicated ;)

i was thinking about char's progress.. for some people the progess seems like a lot, and to others it is very slow. and i thought he's 10 months - and these are his first steps... he's not walking like other 10 month olds might be, but these are charlie steps... and not baby steps, because the person in that little body is no baby - he is an amazing person with a huge spirit and he is going to take steps in his own stride. i am just so grateful i get to walk beside him sometimes and watch...

Anonymous said...

Agel and Rob,
Our prayer are with you.

Howie & Cindy

Jada Rose said...

Meghan,you stated it perfectly Your a pretty amazing Woman! ...For a minute I felt bad assisting Rob in tormenting you... for a minute.


Roxey said...

Very sweet, Meg. I too hope he was properly medicated for the flu, because as we know, the flu sucks!