Friday, March 7, 2008

More imaging

Charlie's tests were postponed until 11:30 today. I was able to watch the brain CT and the ventricles looked just as big as last time to me. Then he was off to get the MRI of his ears. The anesthesiologist wanted to make sure I understood that sedating Charlie is riskier than a normal child due to his already decreased respiration abilities (labored breathing and inability to gag/swallow appropriately) He thinks it may take him up to a week to recover and he may need to be put back on oxygen or re-intubated. He hopes not but there is a chance.
Darin Onley (fellow WX Wildcat alumni and friend) made sure Coop was comfortable for the CT. We are still waiting for him to get back from MRI which takes about an hour


Dorene said...

I don't even know you, and yet I can't stop thinking about your Charlie. What a sweet little boy you have. I'm praying that we will see a miracle in him. After all, miracles DO happen every day.

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for your little man! I see his pictures and I just want to squeeze those cheeks and just embrace him with the love that I feel for him. I can only imagine how you must feel as parents watching your little boy go through this. Prayers are being sent out from hearts you would not expect or recognize - we hope you feel comforted and hope Charlie feels the love that so many strangers are sending to him at this time. We pray for tender mercies from the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I love reaing so many post from people yoy do not even know! I am one of them, but I follow the blog several times a day. My heart goes out to you and sweet Charlie. Your strength is incredible and your ability to understand all that is happening is amazing. I hope you can feel the prayers and love of so many who care.

Anonymous said...

Bless Him! What a precious little boy.
Bless Mom and Dad too!!!
Praying for and loving you all.
G-ma C