Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moonlight Sonata

Last night Char had his best night yet with his old man pulling the night shift. He fell asleep like normal around 2230 and instead of waking up grunting “Master the Tempest is Raging” at midnight he just kept sleeping. Dad likes the bigger 10 o’clock dose of neurontin. He finally stirred about 0130 and was wide awake for about an hour and started into a mini-storm and a touch of ativan later he was asleep for 3 more hours. Woke up from that blessed nap about 0530 and off he went straight into the “1812 Overture” w/ a big one that meds didn’t do much for so dad got desperate. It was snot extraction, cold towels, fans, chair, holding, and pillow, all of it and then O2 sats hit the crapper and oxygen was administered. I blame myself mostly for both its severity and duration because my previous booger patrol was sub par, marginal at best, and I missed one. After a second pass we successfully remove the earthworm like blockage and breathing eased and now he is asleep. A lesson was learned this morning. Boogs can’t be left alone, so mothers of the world when you child has his finger up to the second knuckle let them be. They might just be saving their own life.


Anonymous said...

He looks so much more at peace over the last week. It is a long road for him and you. You are doing such a wonderful job making such difficult decisions and sharing so much love. I know Charlie can feel it. I can imagine that being in the sling would feel a lot like being swaddled up like you put him down to sleep since he was born. What a precious child.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Rob - It's not the finger-removal procedure that Mothers find abhorring. It is the disposal method of what has been removed that causes such anxiety! We are still watching and praying for your little guy north of the Longman household.

The Bodkin's

Roxey said...

Is he still on O2? Argh! I bet you didn't know what to do with so much consecutive sleep! Lot of info about the ears. Keep us posted (I know you will :)) Also, when will you try hearing aids?
Love and prayers,

Charlie Cooper said...

He had been off of O2 fo a while and then last night had to go back on it. =( we should be hearing from audiology soon.

The Lees said...

Rob-your writing just cracks me up!
Glad you got some sleep last night. Charlie is looking so much better in the recent pics. still praying for him and you guys.
Diane Lee

Anonymous said...

Will they allow you to use a humidifier? I know with the cold everyone at my house has had it seems to help alot!

whitney said...

Getting a BIG boog out with the sucker is extremely satisfying to the parent, don't you think? Not so much at the timet to the child. Good work Rob.

Anonymous said...

i need an update
love you guys hang in there:-D