Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone :-)

Last night was solid. Charlie was exhausted from all the effort he put into being a naughty boy yesterday and I was able to reap the reward with the most restful night at the hospital yet. Charlie fell asleep right after one of his girlfriends (Roxey) left and he slept till 0100. He started working into another storm so Rob, the RN not the Dad, hit him w/ a little ativan and he was out again. It’s 0915 and he’s just starting to wake up giving him a grand total of 10 ½ hours of sleep last night. How cool is that? Maybe he knew he had to be a good boy for the Easter Bunny to come and luckily he did. The hosp. and volunteers brought in an Easter basket for Charlie this morning, all the kiddos got one, and now we will see how much of it Rob, the Dad not the RN, will eat for breakfast.

PS. Did you all know that The Coach, Bronco Mendenhall, came up to see my boy the other day? He gave me his wristband. Go Cougars!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Charlie needed that sleep so badly....I hope he has a wonderful Easter today, and feels free from any paing or irritations. He is so beautiful!!!! We just adore this baby boy!!!!!


whitney said...

Happy Easter Coop!
Rob, I had no idea that Bronco Mendenhall came to see you, that must have been so fun. I hope there are some stale Peeps and DC in the basket for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! I am glad the Easter bunny found Charlie. Did he bring some Diet Cloe to go with the peeps for Dad?
I hope you all have a peaceful day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Charlie, Britty Dad and Mom!! Praying for you in Montana

ashlan said...

Happy Easter!! Hey the RN rob, did he have red curly hair.. If so tell hime Nick ans Ashlan said to take good care of that little boy!